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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Butterflies in Lindsay Lohan's Future

Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab yesterday, her 5th attempt at sobriety in the past four years. Because of her latest scandal, which she was accused of minor assault during an altercation with a woman who worked at the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay could be found in violation of her probation. The woman dropped the charges but Lohan could still face jail time. Today, her sleazy "ex-father" (her words) was seen helping her move boxes out of her Los Angeles apartment into a beach house next to her ex-girlfriend/enabler/handler Samantha Ronson. Ronson is said to have been upset about the move-in.

Apparently the professional hanger-on and DJ is over Lohan's desperate attempts at a relationship, despite at one point (2004-2007) being just as desperate to be Lindsay's girlfriend and make a name for herself outside of being Mark's sister--the one that never smiles. Ronson even scored a spot on the "Mean Girls" soundtrack with her song "Built This Way," which played repeatedly throughout the film. Let's not forget that [Ronson doesn't let you forget that] her step-father is Mick Jones of Foreigner. I never understood Lindsay's infatuation with Samantha. The press makes it seem like she's obsessively clinging onto Samantha, despite earlier insinuations that Lindsay was only dating her for attention after her first three attempts in rehab during 2007. Before her re-programming--I mean rehabilitation, Lindsay was only publicly dating men (despite rumors and photographs that would later link her to Paris Hilton and some other spoiled Hollywood twat called Courtenay 'Google Me!' Semel), then all of a sudden, she's dating Samantha Ronson?

Back in 2008, Lohan was caught sneaking a vodka-Red Bull on surveillance cameras inside Lotus club in Washington DC, where Ronson was DJing. There was once a video from Inside Edition, but I can't find it anymore. The video clearly shows Ronson attempting to be affectionate with Lohan, who seems more interested in text messaging than her 'girlfriend.'

Good to the last drop.
Puss, puss (Kiss, kiss).
Mixing vodka (alcohol) and Red Bull (caffeine) could lead to cardiac arrest.
Lindsay Lohan.com features Lindsay covering her right eye (leaving her All-Seeing Eye of Horus) while sitting in the grass in some dissociatively and unnaturally bright setting. Victims of Monarch programming are often told to "go over the rainbow" or to "fall down the rabbit hole" when being sexually abused or tortured so that they dissociate to an alternate reality and do not feel pain, scream, cry, fight back or remember the abuse. This type of triggering (Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland programming) is standard for the Disney darlings (Lohan was star of "the Parent Trap," "Life Size," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," and "Freaky Friday"). Also prominent on her website's splash page are three butterflies, symbolic again of Monarch programming. The first butterfly to appear is purple, which a few researchers as myself and Ben of Pseudo Occult Media have found to be repetitive throughout industry slavery. One theory (Ben's) is that the two polarizing colors red and blue separate or together are dissociative to a mind control slave. I know she's outside but we can't forget that the powers that be are sun worshippers (hence the reason so many people go to church on Sunday). A flock of birds are also visible in the background, possible a reference to Bluebird programming.

Michael Lohan, covered his face (you would too if you looked like that--woof!) from the paparazzi with a publication featuring images of his daughter spreading her legs--the same images from our last Lilo post. The image shows Lindsay in front of a divination sun (worship) halo with her arms and hands in an as above, so below pose. The occult saturated photo shoot was for her 6126 clothing line. 6/1/1926 was Marilyn Monroe's date of birth. Lindsay and almost every other Monarch slave seem to be programmed to be infatuated with Marilyn. Makes sense since MM (mirrored initials) was the first Presidential sex slave. Again, more on that in the last post.
He acts like he doesn't like the attention but then he ends up on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?
Michael was on Inside Edition today, getting a benign growth removed from his nose.

On the same episode, I noticed that one of the signs at the Betty Ford Center had this design:

Why does the Betty Ford Center have an upside-down pentagram (usually associated with Satanism) as its logo? Maybe this is a sign that the center has a darker side dealing with mind control or Satanic Ritual Abuse? Stranger things have happened...


  1. Lindsay Lohan still has a choice, despite her ongoing reputation with the press and the people in general. It's just upsetting to see her like this when so many kids and teens still look up to her movies. These same kids must at least be guided to show them the difference.

    - Carolin Newmeyer

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