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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Lost Little Girl

In October's Vanity Fair issue, they ask the $7 Million question, "What Went Wrong?"

Lindsay Lohan
went from making $7 million a film to being "uninvited" from her own "Machete" premiere. She went from making Disney movies that grossed $91 million worldwide to starring in straight-to-cable films and bio-pictures about other sex slaves (her upcoming film "Inferno" tells the glamourized version of the tragic life of "Deepthroat" star Linda Lovelace). In a scary coincidence that mimics predictive programming, Lindsay made fun of her future during her monologue the second time she hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2005. She talked to the future Lindsay and discovered that in her future, she would be hosting soft-porn films on Cinemax if she didn't stop partying and didn't take better care of herself. While she isn't doing that just yet, she is starring as Linda Lovelace in "Inferno" and that is about as close as you could get. Linda Lovelace was forced into porn (like many porn "actresses") and forced to film gang rape and bestiality scenes by her sexually and physically abusive ex-husband. Do you really think the producers of "Inferno" are going to tackle these important issues or do you think they're just going to continue to dehumanize and exploit Lindsay? Based on the douche-bag director's comments about Lindsay's upcoming full frontal "cinematic nudity", I'm going to go with the latter. She already played a stripper in the horrible "I Know Who Killed Me" (which you can now catch on Lifetime) so its only natural in her evolution as a sex slave for the "elite" that she will be playing a porn star or hooker in her future.

Seventeen year old Lindsay at the Los Angeles premiere of "Mean Girls" on April 19, 2004.

Like many teenage boys, I first fell in love with Lilo in 2004, when she broke away from the Disney monarch machine to star in the teen comedy "Mean Girls." Besides Ginger, from "Gilligan's Island," (another character based on Lindsay's idol and original MK kitten, Marilyn Monroe) I'd never seen a redhead so beautiful. Gorgeous face, cute freckles, amazing bust, great smile--she was America's newest "It girl" for a reason. Unfortunately, Lindsay would never match the career high of "Mean Girls" and her personal life seemed to spiral out of control very quickly. Rumours (the title of Lindsay's first single--produced by former Sony head and abusive Mariah Carey ex-husband/handler,
Tommy Motolla) of underage drinking, drug addiction and poor serial dating choices replaced her once squeaky clean Disney image and she would never be seen in the same light again. Four rehab stints and three arrests in a three year span have permanently changed her public persona and career options.
First mug shot from Lindsay's wild chase in August 2007.

Second one right before her 84 minutes in jail in November 2007.Last one to complete the trinity taken right before her 14 days in jail in 2010.

Lohan's latest drama included serving 14 days of a 90 day jail sentence and 23 days of a court ordered 90 day rehabilitation treatment. She was released early from jail due to overcrowding and instead of going to the undisclosed rehab facility in Costa Mesa, as reported, she was taken to the notorious mind control center at U.C.L.A. U.C.L.A.'s Neuropsychiatric Institute was the former home of Louis J. West, who coordinated all mind control activity for the C.I.A. on the west coast. U.C.L.A. has been surrounded in controversy in recent years with allegations of psychiatric abuse, invasion of privacy, students illegally receiving their licenses, sexual abuse and involvement in the underground human body trade. When I first brought up these allegations in the comment section of Dlisted-- a gossip web site run by the stereotypical, obnoxious, dehumanizing (every other woman is a "bitch"), homosexual blogger Michael K (MK), I was laughed at by people who spend their entire day making fun of celebrities for being overweight or having attractive mates. One commenter in particular scoffed at the idea that U.C.L.A. was involved in mind control because she herself had gone to school at the University of South California. No one could provide any reasonable arguments against my research though. I guess when you waste 3 years of your life ragging on human beings you will never even meet or quite live up to, you replace all comprehension and logic with bitter jealousy.

Between 1998 and 2003, former autopsy technician Ernest Nelson removed parts of 496 cadavers and paid out cashier's checks to the head of U.C.L.A.'s Willed Body Program, Henry Reid, totaling $704,600. The scandal sent shockwaves through the medical community but this was not the only issue in recent years. Starting in February 2008, the affiliated Cedars-Sinai hospital was accused of delivering overdoses of radiation to 206 patients during CT brain perfusion scans over an 18 month period. In June 2009, actor Dennis Quaid and his wife received a $500,000 settlement from the hospital after their twins were given an overdose of the blood thinning drug heparin when they were born in November 2007.

It was widely reported that Lindsay was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and the prescription drugs Adderall, Ambien and Dilaudid--a powerful opiate pain killer. She has been photographed drinking vodka at age 16 and falling out of 21+ clubs ever since. The cocaine rumors have plagued Lindsay since at least 2004 and in 2007 she was secretly filmed snorting and sharing the substance with friends inside a bathroom stall at popular underage hangout Teddy's, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. In February 2005, Lindsay did her first Vanity Fair cover, where she half-admitted to using blow only saying that it was a "sore subject" because her father, fame-whore Michael Lohan, abused cocaine when she was younger. Twice in 2007, Lindsay was arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession but due to overcrowding, she only served 84 minutes of a 21 day sentence on November 15, 2007. In early 2010, Lindsay told the Sun that she admitted herself into rehab the first time because she was abusing Ambien and collapsed in her bathroom wating for her tub to fill with water saying, "The first time I checked myself in was because I had taken Ambien. It's a sleeping aid but it makes you hallucinate." When Lindsay was released from U.C.L.A., her doctors told the press that they released her because she was not an addict by their standards, nor did she suffer from bi-polar disorder. What was the problem then? Did she just need some programming to straighten herself out?

During her court appearance on July 6th, 2010, Lindsay's notes were photographed. See how she has excellent penmanship with the help of Adderall? Adderall can't explain the pyramid shape of her writing but her programming can.

After all of this, Lindsay and her mother Dina Lohan have still seemed very much in denial of Lindsay's escalating issues. After her second arrest in 2007, Lindsay released a statement saying, "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs." Dina recently told the Today Show's Matt Lauer that Lindsay had only been in rehab twice and seemed to only deny that her daughter was in serious trouble. Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan, blames Dina and Dina and Lindsay blame him but its obvious that they are all to blame and Lindsay needs to separate herself from all toxic enablers and users in her life. Michael Lohan accused his ex-wife of abusing alcohol and cocaine with his daughter and Lindsay has repeatedly accused Michael of physically abusing her mother. In late 2009, Courtney Love made shocking allegations against the fathers of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. She said that both Britney and Lindsay had been sexually abused by their fathers. Shortly after making these statements, her daughter with Kurt Cobain, Francis Bean Cobain (named after mentally ill actress Frances Farmer) was taken out of her custody. Courtney Love says a lot of wild stuff but being involved in this sick world of programming herself, I think she would have a better idea than most. Was she telling us something we needed to take a seriously look into and silenced? The judgmental part of you might want to dismiss it as the crazy rants of a notorious drug addict but don't write these allegations off so fast.

Many Monarch slaves are repeatedly sexually abused by family members. They are programmed from an early age with physical and sexual abuse. Jamie Spears, father of Britney, was an alcoholic most of Britney's life and from a young age, she was turned into the family's bread winner, which is a lot of pressure for a child. Like Lindsay, she was also part of the twisted Disney manufactured programming before she hit it big as a teenager. It wouldn't be too hard to believe that both girls were victims of incest and rape at the hands of the men closest to them--especially greedy, lazy, dependent, drug addicts like their fathers. Lindsay would later appear with scarring and evidence of physical trauma, only to deny self-mutilation and have her mother make up these ridiculous excuses for her.

Some of the first accusations of "cutting" began with this image. Notice the pentagram near the wounds?Scarring around her tattoo that reads, "Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle."

Fresh cuts among the old scarring.Makeup covers some of the scarring and new cuts.The damage appears elsewhere, on her thighs--common among victims of sexual abuse.The original image.Fellow Disney Monarch Demi Lovato has been seen with cuts on her wrist but her publicist said the marks were from plastic bracelets.

If her handlers (who might be into sado-masochism and sexual abuse) are not abusing her, then is Lindsay hurting herself? Many "cutters" admit that they will inflict pain on themselves when experiencing the numbness of dissociation. To many of them, cutting themselves allows them to feel something again, or bring them back to reality. We already know that mind control victims are forced into dissociation by their evil handlers with triggers and abuse/programming.

Most of Lohan's recent photo shoots contain clear negative MK symbols and possible Monarch programming triggers including this one from next month's Vanity Fair. The black and white stripes are an obvious duality (of man) reference. Monarch slaves are repeated shown these triggers by their handlers to bring forth the alter or personality the handler wants to use. Most slaves have a "beta" or "sex kitten" altar. Lindsay, like many other slaves, seems obsessed with the original MK pin-up, Marilyn Monroe. I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay's sex altar believed that she was actually Marilyn since Lindsay is often referred to in the press or dressed up as the iconic blonde bombshell. It's a shame too cause Lindsay looked so much better as a redhead (in my opinion). In 2008, Lindsay infamously did a photo shoot with famed photographer Bert Stern, which was a recreation of Stern's iconic shoot with Marilyn titled "the Last Sitting." It was to be Marilyn's last photo session before she was found nude and dead on August 5, 1962. The eerie photos of Lindsay were published by New York Magazine and her mother said it was an "honor" to recreate Monroe's last session for Stern.

Duality, necrophilia and antholagnia all rolled into one creepy MK shoot.

Lindsay is the current spokes-whore for French fashion brand Fornarina.
The All-Seeing Eye/Left Eye of Horus and sexualized imagery is featured throughout the ads.
Duality reference/trigger once again.
All-Seeing Eye once more.
Duality symbolism with the black and white bows. Bows are also common triggers used in Monarch programming. Many slaves are said to see colourful bows and other images such as Kabbalah/Qabalah trees when they close their eyes. Mirrors are used in witchcraft for scrying and also in programming. Mirrors are said to reflect one's soul.

The "Glam, Pink, Heart" (glam pink vulva) ad from 2009 begins with pink, blue and white triangles/pyramids. Let's break this down: Glamour is a term from the olden days of sorcery and witch trials. Glamour is said to be an illusion that looks so real, it is able to fool the onlooker. Pink is of course a colour--red and white; duality once again. A heart is an organ but the shape originates from the shape of the female vulva.

The pyramids rise from the horizon like the Sun. The Illuminati and Ancient Egyptians are sun worshippers.
More pyramids and dissociating colours. Purple is especially dissociating to mind control victims and is a duality reference as it is made of red and blue.
Lindsay pulls a pink, upside-down pyramid from her back pocket. Witchcraft symbols are regular occult symbols turned upside-down to give them a negative meaning.

When she touches the tip of one pyramid to another, the top illuminates.

Two upside-down pyramids; one with Lilo's left eye.
Camera pans into her left eye and reveals La Lohan lying there like a dead hooker.
Duality reference with black top with white dots..
Lindsay Lohan. From Miu Miu by Prada and Jill Stuart to this?
Close up of Lindsay's All-Seeing/Left Eye of Horus.
Pyramid design behind her.
The Lohan trinity.
Illumination with a "Charlie's Angels" pose.
Masonic wink and All-Seeing Eye of Horus.
Classic Lohan kiss and blow. Not that kind of blow. No, not that kind either. More pink hearts/vulvas.
A pretty girl reduced to an inviting orifice. Luciferian light on end of logo.
Its raining cubes in this really bad animation.
More cube shapes and a fragmented Lindsay. Monarch slaves have fragmented minds through repeated dissociation caused by physical, sexual and psychological abuse. In the occult, the cube is often associated with the stone discarded by the stone cutter or Freemason. Are the producers of this shitty ad saying Lindsay Lohan is being discarded by Hollywood? There are several interpretations of what these cubes could mean here.

Eliphas Levi drew the infamous Baphomet or Sabbatic Goat sitting on the black cube of Saturn (Satan). Lindsay is no stranger to Baphomet or other negative occult imagery. Check out these images from the Fall 2010 campaign for her 6126 (date of Marilyn Monroe's birth) line.

Duality and possible domination reference.

More duality symbolism as well as an upside-down pyramid design behind Lilo, her sister Ali and a male model, who is praying with a crucifix in front of him. Lindsay is wearing a mask, similar to ones you see at Masonic Masquerade balls/parties. Lindsay and friend/fellow MK kitten Lily Allen wore cat masks shortly after they both got the same "Shhh..." tattoo on their fingers as kitten Rihanna. They got the tattoos after Rihanna was beaten up by her then-boyfriend/handler, Chris Brown, because they thought it was somehow "empowering" to women--which just goes to show you how easily manipulated these young women are.
Shhh...they're Monarch slaves. Don't tell.

Lindsay poses in front of a Baphomet figure while the topless male model wears a rosary. Seems fitting considering the Catholic Church has been accused of blasphemy and idolatry.

America, home of the post-WWII-Nazi mind control programs MK ULTRA and Project Monarch. You say that with pride!
Hollywood studio that made this masterpiece. The upside-down red sword could be the Sword of Damocles, which epitomizes the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. William Shakespeare's Henry IV expands on this popular theme explaining that, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."

Teaching young girls that you won't be beautiful unless you have some horrible blonde hair (wig) to hide your natural beauty. The Illuminati love their slaves to have blonde hair because blonde denotes illumination.
Upside-down triangles/pyramids even on the green screen.
Can you see how they planned this mess perfectly to exploit these negative symbols? All of the pyramids and All-Seeing Eyes/Left Eyes of Horus were no coincidence. They even drew poor Lindsay with over-sized, cosmetically enhanced lips. It's like this with every music video and every film and every ad campaign though. Sick.

Not exactly ruby red slippers but pretty damn close. Red and white (duality reference) make pink afterall.
"Crossroads Fornarina."
The crossroads is repeatedly referred to in pop culture. In the folk magic of many cultures, the crossroads is a location "between the worlds;" a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place. Symbolically, it can mean a locality where two realms touch and therefore represents liminality, a place literally "neither here nor there" or "betwixt and between." Probably the most famous legend about the crossroads comes from the music industry. The crossroads is where it is said that Robert Johnson met the Devil and sold his soul for incredible music talent, fame and fortune--a common theme in itself in the music industry.

That same vacant stare in many of her photo shoots.
Lindsay posted this topless picture of herself on her Twitter a few weeks after the ad had come out.

This eerie image was once Lindsay's Twitter profile background. Its a oil painting called "Heaven" by artist Mark Ryden. A topless, young girl with a white yak (beast).

The future could hold many things for Lindsay Lohan but I'm sure we can continue to expect much more scandal, denial and negative occult imagery. I have always respected her more than the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's of the world as she is a legitimate actress, but with the pressures of Hollywood and all of the seemingly bad influences in her life, it's anybodies guess what she will do with what options she has left. Dina Lohan told the press recently that her daughter would be leaving Los Angles but unfortunately for Lindsay, the courts are not allowing her to leave/recover. Hmmm...I wonder why? Maybe because she's considered property of her handlers? It was rumored that Britney Spears' old manager/handler Larry Rudolph would be managing/handling Lindsay from now on and this really worried me but luckily, he denied this.

Leave it to Robert Rodriguez to sexualize violence and religion. Dressed as a nun, Lindsay licks an obvious phallus symbol with only her left eye exposed.

The Robert Rodriguez film "Machete" opened last weekend to modest reviews but the even bigger story was that because of all of the negative press from Lindsay, Rodriguez has uninvited her to the premiere and did not want her doing any press for the film. Has she burned her last bridge? She came out of her stint at U.C.L.A. looking clean and happy but who knows what really went on in there. Can she keep up a positive image for the sake of her career. More importantly, can she save herself from self-destruction? Her programming seems pretty set in stone. In 2008, she was desperately trying to get an audition for Disney and Tim Burton's 3-D adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" but clearly, her personal life had eclipsed her career.

I can only assume that she is wearing this shirt because of the skull & bones symbol but at least she looks happy.

MaXiM is always willing to use a beautiful girl with daddy issues.

Even if her career never picks up, at least she'll always have her looks to fall back on. Word is she is being offered $900,000 to pose for Playboy. If she goes through with it, you know she's going to use that same old excuse, "Marilyn Monroe posed for the first issue of Playboy and it was so classy!" Marilyn never posed for Playboy though. She was hard on ca$h and posed for a nude calendar and after she made a name for herself (or rather, someone else did), pedophile Hugh Hefner purchased the negatives and exploited her image and built a huge empire off of the rape and dehumanization (bunny ears and tails) of women. Don't do it, Lindsay!


  1. Very good post - I always feel sorry for Lindsay, she appears like someone that 'could be' helped but doesnt get the help she actually needs if you know what I mean. Your post is similar in style to Pseudo Occult Media's posts - they are what first got me interested in the whole MK subject.
    Something that is interesting, that people don't mention much is how you see the mass population being programmed through news reports about these stars...after every car crash, drug rehab, celebrity bust-up story, the same person is then 'idolised' on the front cover of some popular magazine...what kind of SIGNAL is that sending out? Its almost like telling young people that if you act in this way, its ok, its cool, you're still beautiful and 'fu**able' etc.....and in fact...Why Dont YOU do it too?'...that is main-stream brainwashing in my book! Its not just the movie or tv program that is sending out the message - the personal lives of these 'idols' become part and parcel of the programming!

  2. Ooooh someone's an expert on the occult. Using terms like "Duality" and "Eye of Horus" like you know them. The truth about Duality is that it's symbolized by the raised and downward arms on a figure. It means the duality of nature, MAN and WOMAN, LIFE and DEATH. What's so evil about that? It's purely nature! In that case, every single wink in the world is a mark of the All-Seeing Eye. What's wrong with you? You keep reading too much into things, of course you will find what you seek if you make comparisons with everything in the world. By the way, it's "Eliphas Levi" not "Ephias Levi", and that's not a "discarded stone cube" he's sitting on. You clearly have no idea on what you are talking about; you're just connotating random "evil" images with the Illuminati and celebrities you want to slag off.

    Please, get a job and stop living in your parent's basement writing these silly theories which are not even properly researched on.

  3. I never said I was an expert on the occult or that duality was evil. I mispelled Eliphas once, out of 18 other articles and you get all butt-hurt, as if he were your lover. Go cry about it somewhere else. I like how you imply I am wasting my time yet you have time to read other people's articles and then go out of your way to create an account so you can point out spelling errors and find things to get worked up about. Get a life...or maybe a friend.

  4. Have you ever noticed how satanists (or those who choose to defend them)reeallyyy tryyyy to sound super intellectual?WOW immatearia ,( did I spell that wrong ? :( )Ive heard that animal nicolas shreck do the same thing ...look at me Im so smart and superior.Annoy.

  5. I think you did a good job, thanks for posting.

  6. She'd be cute if it wasn't all airbrush, smoke and mirrors... and the cutting only complicates things further.

  7. Well it's official Lindsay did pose for Playboy!

  8. scarletletterman, YES, I have noticed how defensive Satanists get and how they go out of their way to make themselves look educated on information that is at EVERYBODY's disposal. I have a feeling they just want to be heard and while that is something we are all entitled to, they often go about it in an aggressive and annoying manner. Skews Me, I still think Lindsay is beautiful but clearly the alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and abuse has taken its toll on the poor girl. I feel really bad for her because she was actually a talented actress and not just some desperate, untalented skank like her friends Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Her career is OVER but I think she could still make a comeback if she proves that she can still act and lays off the plastic surgery and drugs. Mark4U - Valerie, I was hoping that it wouldn't come to that since it is rumored that all centerfolds have to sleep with that pervert Hugh Hefner before they are made covergirl.

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