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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tyler Perry is the Real Black Swan

Putting those gay rumors to rest once and for all, Tyler Perry returns as everybody's favorite drag queen grandmother in the upcoming "Madea's Big Happy Family." Tyler Perry has denied being homosexual so we are in no position to assume otherwise...but hey, if his good friend Oprah can stay in the closet for so long, anybody can. Watch this video below of Dave Chappelle talking to Oprah about the conspiracy in Hollywood of forcing African-American men to dress as women at points in their careers.

The next time you see TMZ (run by lawyers) or another news outlet try to convince us that Dave is crazy, remember why they're trying so hard to discredit him. He turned down the $50 Million Comedy Central offered him to continue doing something he didn't want to anymore and now the industry wants him to stop opening our eyes.

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a woman or being homosexual (anal sex is another story), it's just the dehumanizing and emasculating act of forcing a man (gay or straight, black or white) to dress up as a woman for comedic relief, public humiliation and profit that is wrong.

In Ancient Greece, male worshippers of the goddess Rhea would dress up as women during rituals and the most devout men would castrate themselves and wear women's clothing, forever more taking identities as women. Today, candidates for male-to-female reassignment surgery must live as women for six months before a doctor can make them physically female through butchery--I mean surgery and hormone therapy. What one person wants to do with their body is their business but to pay someone to butcher your genitals and drug you so that you can continue to convince yourself that you were born in the wrong body seems a little hardcore.

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