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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Justin Bieber Jumps on the 'Crazy' Train

I was hoping there would never be a day where I was forced to write an article on Justin Bieber. I just want this kid to grow up so his voice changes and he fades away into obscurity like Lief Garrett or Corey Haim (R.I.P.) Recently though, its been hard not to notice that like his female counterparts, Bieber's image is being perfectly manufactured right down to his mental state. In the February issue of Vanity Fair, Bieber tells the magazine, "I'm crazy, I'm nuts. Just the way my brain works. I'm not normal. I think differently - my mind is always racing. I'm just ... nuts. But I think the best [musicians] probably are." What the hell is this brat talking about? And what's up with his right eyebrow?

Mental illness is something that is still demonized by society. We tend to over-medicate our psychologically distressed and forceably lockup our mentally disturbed. Its been said again and again that when the poor act outside what society (the elitists) dictates "normal," they are labeled "crazy" but when the rich do the same thing, they get labeled "eccentric." Bieber's handlers are following the current trend in pop music of making "crazy" and "nuts" seem positive or "adorable" by Vanity Fair's standards.

"You drive me crazy! I just can't sleep. I'm so excited, I'm in too deep. Ohh, crazy...but it feels alright! Baby, thinkin' of you keeps me up all night." - Britney Spears "(You Drive Me) Crazy" 1999
From Mariah Carey and Britney Spears' infamous programming breakdowns in the past decade to Amy Winehouse and DMX's admitted bi-polar disorders, the music industry has its fair share of artists plagued with psychological problems. Thanks to Fritz Springmeier and other researchers of MK ULTRA and mind control programming, we're now able to understand the possibility that these tortured artists are suffering from dissociative disorders kept quiet in mainstream media.

Multiple Personality Disorder (M.P.D.) now more correctly labeled as Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) is a psychological disorder in which a person displays multiple distinct personalities or identities known as alter egos or alters, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. While the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems does recognize multiple personality disorder as a genuine disorder, there are some psychiatrists who do not believe it is valid. The diagnosis rate appears to be significantly higher in North America (where MK ULTRA was mastered after World War II). A high number of people diagnosed with M.P.D. or D.I.D. have had a history of childhood trauma, including physical and sexual abuse. Victims of such trauma are good candidates/targets for mind control programming.

The entertainment industry has a history of actors, actresses, musicians and artists who have well known alter egos, especially in the past few decades. Norma Jean Baker became Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie had Ziggy Stardust, Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce, Christina Aguilera has Xtina, Stefani Germanotta became Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus had Hannah Montana and even Justin Bieber has Shawty Mane. In the whackest video I've ever posted, you can see Shawty Mane trying so hard to be hard but coming off as a possible alter for Simon from "Alvin and the Chipmunks." He calls the song "Speaking in Tongues."

Speaking in tongues or glossolalia to many Christians is the ability to speak the holy language of God so I guess in that context, what Shawty Mane is doing could be considered blasphemous. To real rappers, what he is doing is just heinous, douchey and at the very least pretentious.

UPDATE: 1/12/2010
Reader magiano pointed out what look like prescription medication bottles behind Bieber in the video above. Fritz Springmeier mentions in his book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave, that mind control victims and slaves are often heavily drugged so they are easier to control or dissociate. He mentions a lot of drugs I've never heard of before, including ones that make your skin burn so the dissociated victim is easier to convince they've entered Hell and even drugs that facilitate physic abilities.
Masonic checkerboard
The Vanity Fair cover image shows Bieber covered in kisses, with a girl pulling on his black and white striped tie. Recently, a detractor of mine threw a fit over my decision not to repetitively explain the reason why black and white Masonic checkerboards or stripes are associated with the duality of man in every bloody post. So, let's get that out of the way. The black and white pattern, in Freemasonry, is symbolic of the diversity of creation under the Great Architect--Lucifer.
Dualism or duality denotes a state of two parts found throughout reality. The most common concept of duality denotes the natural state of existence. In humans, male and female, good and evil, kind and cruel are all examples that one will experience in life. In philosophy of mind, dualism is a set of views about the relationship between mind and matter, which begins with the claim that mental phenomena are, in some respects, non-physical, or abstract. So while the very concept of dualism or duality is not evil, the way in which it is used to be experienced or interpreted by a second party may be evil if that is what the first party wanted.
As above, so below is also a great example of duality frequently found in Hermetic and occult texts. The concept was first laid out in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, in the words "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing". The concept that in accordance with the various levels of reality: physical/material, psychological/mental, and astral/spiritual, what happens on any level happens on every other.
As above, So Below?
Duality patterns and the color purple are also thought to be common dissociating triggers for many mind control slaves in the entertainment industry for specific alters.

Bieber displays the all-to-common All-Seeing Eye of Horus/Eye of Providence symbolism exploited by other young artists like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Uffie and Drake. The legend of Horus says in the great battle for Ancient Egypt, the gods Horus and Set fought and Horus lost his left eye. His right eye was associated with the Sun god Ra. The Moon, being dimmer than the Sun, was associated with the left eye of Horus from then on.
Not only the All-Seeing Eye but also, three backwards sixes, the number (666) of the Beast/Anti-Christ. Red and blue, being polarizing colors, is believed to be dissociating for Monarch slaves and specific victims of mind control alike.
Another All-Seeing Eye behind him on the wall.
Butterflies on a news stand magazine, symbolic of Monarch programming. Another popular trigger exploited by the handlers of mind control victims.
Justin flashing the infamous Baphomet horns hand sign.
Hand sign could also be the horned owl of Bohemian Grove fame.

Check this video out if you're not familiar with the annual ritual that the world's male elite attend.

Justin's single for "Love Me." Notice how the blue arrow is suggestively pointing downward and the upside-down pentagrams? What part of the body is the arrow directed towards that is also shaped like an arrow?
The pentagram is one of the most recognized occult symbols worldwide. To occult practitioners, it represents the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire, plus a pantheistic spiritual being such as Gaia or Mother Earth ("Captain Planet" anyone?). The pentagram is also used for protection, to banish energy (positive or negative), or to bring said energy to you, depending on how it's drawn. It is said that the five points of the pentagram represent the five points on Yeshua/Jesus Christ (not by Christians, of course--whom tend to demonize all occult symbolism), where he was wounded in the crucifixion. It's also believed that it represents God ruling over the world of matter. The inverse or upside-down pentagram is also used in occult rituals to direct forces or energy and is widely associated with negative energy and Satanism. This version of the pentagram is said to represent the world of matter ruling over God, which is the same as denouncing God/Christ. This is believed to only bring negative energy and bad spirits around whomever draws it.
Justin apparently has a blue bird tattoo on his stomach. This is worth mentioning (despite how creepy I feel for posting a picture of this kid without his shirt) because the C.I.A. performed horrific mind control experiments on children, prisoners and the mentally ill under the Project Bluebird program, a subdivision of the MK ULTRA experiments. Justin, being underage, and claiming to be "crazy" and "nuts" makes him a perfect candidate for Bluebird programming, no?

So, there you have it. Justin Bieber is just another pawn to help the elitist powers that be influence an entire generation of underage boys and girls. Sure, he's singing about puppy love now but how long before he and the rest of the pop stars are telling their fans just how cool RFID microchip technology is? Today, he's pushing Proactive, tomorrow, he's hustling for Obama's 2012 campaign. Wake up, kids. For the love of all that is holy, wake the fuck up.


  1. Great article, do you have any contact info?

  2. What's up wit those big size prescription bottles on table in the background of his singing in tongues video? They use drugs alot make them easier to control plus get them addicted right? Great article too.

  3. That's a good point, magiano. Fritz Springmeier has this big list of drugs mind control victims and slaves get in his book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. He mentions drugs I've never even heard of before, like one that makes your skin burn so the dissociated mind control victim thinks they've entered Hell.

  4. hey, i want to become a well known artist, and its been a dream for a long time. Is there any way i can become extremely successful without being programmed and sent down to the wrong path? I still havnt tried anything to make my dream come true, but i know, i just know that i will be successful. But then again, im scared...so is it safe to become a very successful artist?

  5. And any idea where i can find out how to avoid their techniques of programming?

    1. Anyone who desires "fame and fortune" is SICK IN THE HEAD! You have a HUGE VOID to fill, and this will NOT do it for you. To be SUCKcessful you need to COMPLETELY SELL YOUR SOUL TO SATAN. It sounds like you are half way there already.

  6. I really loved your article, poor kid. Could you consider doing one on the death of Amy Winehouse? I am highly convinced that her handlers had something to do with her downward spiral after she was first signed. Her recent performance where she had to stop, her back up dancer was handling her mighty fine on stage. Ah, so is the life of these poor Monarch Slaves.

  7. Oh, you left out a big one: Garth Brooks -> Chris Gains.

  8. dosent robbie williams have a bluebird tattoo as well ? think he does...what i dont understand is how people under mind control with d-i-d can interact with people and no one sees something is badly wrong ? ?

  9. Pop, you can still be a musician without becoming an entertainer. Making music should be about expressing yourself and the amazing connection your music creates to other human beings, not materialistic covets, fame/praise/worship or power. If you sign with a major label, eventually they will force their propaganda on you and make you look as if you willingly promote their agendas. nuttydreamer, victims of mind control are almost completely undetectable because programming is based very deep in the human mind, often where deprogrammers and therapists would ever think to look. Sometimes it comes to the surface, as was the case with Britney Spears' notorious programming breakdown in 2007, but even then one can only speculate. Most of us with MK blogs look at the repetitive clues and themes used over and over throughout the careers of potential candidates for programming. The programming is so sophisticated it can go completely undetectable, which is why it has remained such a secret for so many years (since World War II).

    1. We have all met MKs. There are literally MILLIONS of them in all walks of life, but esp in fields of INFLUENCE like 'entertainment'. Recognizing one is like anything else. You have to be familiar with the symptoms of MPD, or RESEARCH, and study this phenomenon. I have been at it for close to 20 years and NOW in 20/20 hindsight, I know at least 2 GFs I had were MPD. Both were sexually abused like most if not ALL women, and most men also, including ME. I had an MK Ultra victim live with me for 3 horrible weeks. I did not know she was before, but I saw symptoms only after a few days. These victims need to be in a controlled environment b/c they are very WHACKED OUT. You won't know HOW WHACKED OUT until you experience it either.

  10. You're all sheeple. you think you are not, because "mainstream society" is "led astray" which is correct in many ways, however, you people are just as bad.