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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food Prices Continue to Steadily Rise Across the World

The price of food and gasoline is expected to continue to rise steadily all over the world this year. In countries like India and Haiti, the high prices could lead to violent riots like they did in 2008. In the United States, about one third of maize crops go to biofuel which is making corn prices about 45 percent higher, while cotton hasn't been this expensive since the Civil War. In Russia, drought in the Black Sea region have lead to the country banning the export of wheat. All eyes are currently on South America, where chocolate resources have recently come under threat, due to the growing world population's addiction for this man-made-sweet treat. Its even been said that chocolate could be one of the rarer products in the next twenty years if innovative ways of growing cocoa are not found. Even if new ways of chocolate production are found, I'm sure the evil powers that be will still hoard whatever resources are left for themselves.

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 510, the dreaded "Food Safety Bill" which would make gardening and seed saving illegal, passed a few weeks ago. NOT ONE state senator voted against the bill! Still think Democrats are your only other option from the Republicans? They're on the same side; all puppets for the same cause: a one world government. The government doesn't want us to grow our own food because they would rather feed us chemically altered produce and control what we put inside our bodies. They want to outlaw seed saving, meanwhile, governments all over the world are hoarding seeds in underground facilities, as if they are preparing for something. With no farmer's markets or organic food markets, the government controls the only food resources available, which means they decide who eats and who doesn't during a possible food shortage.

Another factor that will surely make food prices higher is the price of gasoline. What country will be wasting gasoline and money (that they don't have to begin with--even when they just print more of it) on exporting food when there is already a shortage? The only produce that will likely be available are the ones from the evil Monsanto Company, dubbed "suicide seeds" by the media because of farmers in India who have commited suicide when their crops did not grow due to Monsanto's Terminator technology. Monsanto has donated $4 Million worth of these non-reproducing seeds to Haiti, after the allegedly HAARP produced earthquake, which were quickly burned, as many farmers found them useless. These seeds are a man-made abomination made to grow vegetables that do not have viable seeds for reproduction. Why would Monsanto create and offer such unnatural seeds? To control the produce market in different countries with the end goal of population reduction, of course. He who controls the food, controls the population. There is already fluoride in our water, which calcifies your pineal gland, the third eye of occult texts and mystic teachings.

Monsanto BioTechnology
If you thought organic food was more expensive now, just wait until next year. Your local grocery store could get rid of the organic section all together. And those farmer's markets and health food stores? Do you really think the government wants us to have choices? My point of this article was not to scare you, it was to get you to take action. This is past serious. Monsanto is one of the most greedy, power-hungry companies of the modern age. Around 90% of all corn, soybeans and cotton are grown from genetically engineered seeds/genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These genetically enhanced products appear in nearly 70% of all American processed food products. Monsanto controls about 90% of all genetically engineered seeds, meaning Monsanto controls and owns patents on most of the American food supply. They don't want organic foods because they are better for us. They will help us live longer and that is not a good thing for these assholes. The reason organic foods are smaller (the norm), brighter (colors are naturally more saturated and appealing to the eye) and more expensive is because they are not treated with chemical pesticides and other synthetic products to make them grow bigger, faster and sterile like Monsanto's mutant produce.

Roundup Weed Killer
Recently, a study by the International Journal of Biological Sciences revealed that Monsanto's Mon 863, Mon 810, and Roundup herbicide-absorbing NK 603 in corn caused kidney and liver damage in laboratory rats. Scientists also discovered damage to the heart, spleen, adrenal glands and even the blood of rats that consumed the chemically altered corn. The study concluded a "state of hepatorenal toxicity." And wouldn't you know it, Monsanto had something else to say after their own 90 day study. Monsanto gathered its own crude statistical data, even though chronic problems can rarely be found after only 90 days (some of us eat this mutant produce all our lives), and concluded that the corn was safe for consumption.

In the conclusion of the IJBS study, researchers wrote: "Effects were mostly concentrated in kidney and liver function, the two major diet detoxification organs, but in detail differed with each GM type. In addition, some effects on heart, adrenal, spleen and blood cells were also frequently noted. As there normally exists sex differences in liver and kidney metabolism, the highly statistically significant disturbances in the function of these organs, seen between male and female rats, cannot be dismissed as biologically insignificant as has been proposed by others. We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity....These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown." Monsanto has immediately responded to the study, stating that the research is "based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products."

The food drama is just now getting media attention. I try to stay away from the mainstream news because they only tell you what they want you to believe but from what I've caught recently, there has been no mention of Senate Bill 510. Recently, Rawesome Foods was raided by gun-drawn police who had a warrant to remove raw milk and dairy products from stock. The Food and Drug Administration, the Los Angeles Health Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Disctrict Attorney's Office, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture were all behind this ridiculous move. The New World Order's Police State agenda is in full-force it seems. These pigs in uniform even left the refrigerator doors and curtains open to deliberately let the food spoil so no one could have the natural foods they had a problem with. This is why I have a problem with the police. The filth here in Arizona (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) walk around stroking their own dicks, molesting women and abusing their power. It is only going to get worse. Thanks to Eric who originally posted the video above.

At the landmark 1974 World Food Conference, Dr. Henry Kissinger, at the height of his powers as U.S. Secretary of State, promised that, "Within a decade, no man, woman or child will go to bed hungry." Since then, the number of hungry people worldwide has almost exactly doubled: from 460 million to 925 million. Kissinger is 87 but you can bet that his old age doesn't interfere with his evil deeds. Henry Kissinger is a notorious war criminal yet he is still highly influential in the political arena.

Kissinger says Obama has a "great opportunity" for a New World Order.

The mainstream media adoringly refers to Kissinger as the "foreign policy expert" despite his sheisty scare tactics during the Nixon administration. He is quoted as saying, "Foreign policy is not missionary work," as he delivered up a no longer useful population (Kurds) to be slaughtered.

Kissinger admires MK'd Dolly Parton's big fake breasts. Implants are often utilized as tools for handlers. Implants can be exploited with tracking devices, drugs or information (USB drives) or other exotic items. Fritz Springmeier's book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave gives a few more examples: Page 58: Finally, there is one more category of trauma--those to produce cosmetic looks, for instance, breast implants, or electroshock to create moles at certain locations for either as a sign telling other handlers the extent of the programming or for a Marilyn Monroe look. A "stage trick" is to use a multi-needle device to scar the tissue. The scar which is made in a pattern, a popular one is the Satanic Goat’s head of Mendes (the Baphomet), can be made visible by hypnotic command. This allows the handler to look powerful to uninformed viewers. (This is further discussed in chapter 8.) This stage trick has been done by the occult world for centuries. Page 77: The control of histamine production is an important secret ingredient to the Monarch Mind Control. The breast implants placed into women help stimulate histamine production, which is used in conjunction with drug-assisted programming (See Chapter 8).

Here he is enjoying a laugh with ritual sacrifice and the Age of Aquarius' own Isis, Princess Diana.

Kissinger and MK'd Republican and Tea Party puppet Sarah Palin.

As the United States government continues to infringe upon our illusion of rights, we all go on about our day wanting to believe that the economy ended on a "strong note" in 2010 and will continue to get better...but who are we kidding? We can sign all the petitions we want, leave thousands of voicemails for our state senators and even protest outside the bloody Whitehouse but what will it bring us? Alex Jones, David Icke and Jesse Ventura put the fear in our minds and just when you think we need a revolution, you remember that all of this provoking from these so-called "freedom fighters" is coming from the enemy. They have given us some great information but they're not being completely honest with us. They are not to be fully trusted. Revolution and riots will only give the Obama administration and the rest of the oppressors a reason to enforce full police state martial law. Hell, Obama even has the authority to take our internet privileges away. We have to be smart about this. After all, it was the Bavarian Illuminati who started the French Revolution.

Always remember that there will always be more of us honest, hard working people (the "workers" in the film Metropolis) than the elitist fascists (the so-called "thinkers"). They don't want us to know just how powerful the human mind is. There is a reason why they allow ridiculous amounts of fluoride in our drinking water. Like I mentioned above, it calcifies our pineal grands--the part of our brain that was so important to the ancients. This continually shrinking gland (now close to the size of a pea, instead the size of an eye) could even be the part of our brains that releases the powerful natural psychedelic dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and allows us to dream. So dream BIG.


  1. Right on brother, it sounds exactly like something I would write, from HAARP, to pineal, Food modernization. So Alex Jones is a double agent? I've researched into this ever since I started listening to him, I always end up thinking that he genuinely seems like someone fighting for sovereign humanity, and if he is a double agent, then Holy shit, the guy is a brilliantly intricate master of psychology.

  2. Alex Jones is an interesting guy. He and David Icke get away with telling so many secrets yet Serge Monast, Aaron Russo and several other whistle blowers have gone missing or ended up dead of "heart attacks." People unfortunately die of heart attacks all the time but its crazy how many credible conspiracy theorists are dead. Alex Jones never talks about Zionism and I find it hard to believe he just waltzed into Bohemian Grove without anybody noticing him during one of the most important ritualistic days of the year. You'd expect tight security with all of those elitists. He and his mate Charlie Sheen are doing a great job of discrediting the rest of us who want the truth about 9/11 by saying crazy things in the media. I think Alex is a puppet, someone to stir shit up and panic people so the New World Order has someone to help bring about martial law by provoking a rebellion.

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