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Friday, January 21, 2011

Oz Programming for the Elderly?

Check out this old video from season 3, episode 62 of "The Golden Girls." Dorothy (Bea Arthur) wants her roommate Rose (Betty White) to place her employment ad in the newspaper's classified section but Rose accidentally places it in the personals. A man calling himself "Toto" answers the ad, expecting her to be a (very cheap) prostitute. Toto tells Dorothy she will have to come to his home after he gets his video camera fixed. Victims of mind control used as sex slaves are often forced to participate in underground pornographic or snuff films where they are tortured, raped, gang-raped, forced to have sex with animals (bestiality) or are even killed during sexual rituals. He isn't the only man to mistake Dorothy for a prostitue. Another man comes to the door, sees Rose and offers her the money but after seeing who Dorothy really is, he offers her half of what she was asking for in the ad. The scene is hilariously delivered but obviously the sexual context and hidden message is pretty sick. The writers of the show even managed to include a Roman Catholic priest for kicks.

Many Monarch slaves are often programmed with elements of "The Wizard of Oz" including characters and quotes. Oz is of course an abbreviation of the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris/Osirus, father of Horus. Osiris is known as the "green man" and the lord of the underworld. Osiris is is referenced in the name of Australia (Ozstralia) and the Academy Awards ceremony next month with the Oscars (Ozcars).

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