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Monday, February 21, 2011

the Best of Ladytron

Ladytron | the Best of: 00-10LadytronLadytron has to be one of my favorite bands. They helped define the current sonic assault of electropop/clash by the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, Ladyhawke, La Roux, Little Boots, Crystal Castles and Rihanna. While they do maintain a cult following around the world and they have achieved moderate mainstream success, they are still one of those overlooked genius acts you almost enjoy having all to yourself--as if being a fan were some cool, yet totally unpretentious, club. The band recently released the cover image above for their first greatest hits compilation, The Best of Ladytron: 00-10. The two disc collection of their finest features fan favorites "Destroy Everything You Touch," "Seventeen" and "Play Girl" plus their new single "Ace of Hz (Hearts)." Surprisingly, "He Took Her to a Movie" was left out.The album cover features lead vocalists and keyboard players Mira Aroyo and Helen Marnie. Mira is in a blue light, with her right eye covered by darkness and Helen is in a purple light. Mira's left eye is clearly symbolic of the Eye of Providence but the fact that there are three eyes visible altogther, could mean her left eye is also symbolic of the pineal gland, the so-called "third eye" that was so important to the ancient mystics and occultists.
the pineal gland and wedjat
The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. It is also believed by many, including Dr. Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, to produce the natural psychedelic drug N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is believed to play an important role in dreaming, out of body and near death experiences and even psychotic episodes like schizophrenia. DMT is found in many plants as well as other mammals and non-mammal animals. DMT is also the primary psychoactive in ayahuasca, the well-known Amazonian Amerindian brew employed for divinatory and healing purposes. Ayahuasca is a combination of DMT plant material with a natural MAOI, an enzyme inhibitor that allows DMT to be orally active. Without the MAOI, DMT does has no effect orally and is quickly metabolized.

René Descartes believed the pineal was the "seat of the soul" as the gland sits between both halves of the brain and is the only part of the brain (other than the stem) without an equal half. Dr. Strassman believes that because the pineal gland begins to develop inside a fetus at the same time that said fetus' sex is physiologically determined, the pineal gland just as important to humans as one's gender. He also believes that the instant the pineal gland begins to develops in the fetus, the fetus is considered human with a soul. Dr. Stassman points out that the pineal gland is actually not part of the brain, as it begins inside the mouth of the fetus, then moves up into the front part of the brain, where it is safest.

It is a well documented fact that fluoride, which is artificially put into our drinking water, calcifies our pineal glands, which is visible during x-rays of human skulls. What the ancients once documented as being the size of our eyes, the pineal gland is nothing more today than the size of a pea. The government maintains that fluoride is put into our water to benefit our teeth but we know now that too much fluoride is actually negatively effecting our teeth. So the question is, what is the real reason they are still pumping us full of fluoride, which can become toxic if we receive too much of it. Are the powers that be purposely calcifying our pineal glands to stop our dreaming and to literally imprison our spirits?
Ladytron has made use of signature occult colors red, black and white throughout their career.Ladytron
The Liverpool band's distinct vintage analogue synthesizers have defined their work early on when they formed in the summer of 1999 but evolved with each album. They took sounds that were two decades old and still managed to make futuristic, catchy pop melodies that did not sound aged at all. With the obvious exception of Aguilera, whom they helped produce the commercial failure that was {Bi~On~Ic}, they haven't received much credit for their influential style.
Christina Aguilera isn't safe from the All-Seeing Eye or transhumanist imagery exploited by her peers.
Ladytron members Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt flew to Los Angeles in early 2009 to meet with Aguilera, who was a fan of the band. Wu said, "We went in with no expectations; the whole thing was a massive surprise. But it was incredible. She was so musically talented, a vocalist who really knows her voice. The first takes sounded really amazing, and while we'd made demos, it was only when her voice was on them that it all came to life. It's nice to talk about them, we've been sitting on this for a while." The band finished the collaboration with Aguilera in May 2009 and initially three out of five tracks they worked on were supposed to make it to the album but only the song "Birds of Prey" appeared on the deluxe version of the album, while "Little Dreamer" was an iTunes Special Edition exclusive track.

Despite the collective of brilliant artists and producers working on the project, the reviews were mixed and {Bi~On~Ic} was not as commercially successful compared to her previous efforts. While Aguilera's voice was praised for being strong and still impressive, critics and fans unfavorably compared Aguilera's electro-makeover to Lady GaGa, at the same time slamming her hypersexuality.

Ladytron is named after the 1972 Roxy Music song "Ladytron," written by Brian Ferry. The lyrics tell the story of Ferry, a Casanova-style seducer of women, being enraptured by the robotic or possibly android female love interest of Ferry. Part of the lyrics say, "I'll use you and I'll confuse you and then I'll lose you." The Times calls "Ladytron" one of Roxy Music's "best loved songs." The track is second on Roxy Music's self-titled album with the first being, "Re-Make/Re-Model," also about chasing after a robotic woman. In the early 70's, I'm sure the idea of a man pining for the affection of a female android came off as fun or humorous, but today, the idea has taken on a darker meaning altogether.
Caring is creepy...
For starters, the transhumanist agenda has really taken off in the music industry (or did you not notice Christina Aguilera's {Bi~On~Ic} cover art?). Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement that supports the possibility and desirability of transforming the human condition by developing technological endeavors to eliminate aging and death, at the same time greatly enhancing human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. While this may sound like a positive evolutionary prospect to some, to others (including myself), the elitist agenda seen in today's mainstream media appears to be enforcing the opportunity to permanently separate man from nature by replacing humanity with technology.
The term "tranhumanism" is usually symbolized by H+ or h+, which is often a synonym for human enhancement. The term "posthumanism" is also used as many transhumanist thinkers predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with greatly expanded abilities beyond current human nature. Francis Fukuyama, professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, author of Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, and a member of the President's Council on Bioethics, believes transhumanism is the world's most dangerous idea. In his Foreign Policy article, Fukuyama identifies transhumanism as "a strange liberation movement" that wants "nothing less than to liberate the human race from its biological constraints."

Fukuyama's detractors and proponents of transhumanism point out that man's "natural state," as hunter and gatherer, was liberated when man discovered and manipulated fire to cook meat, keep warm and keep predatory animals away. One of the points advocates of transhumanism rarely acknowledge is that when this technology does become available, like most newly developed technological advances such as the personal computer and cellular telephone, [at first] it will only be available to those who can afford it; likely the elite. While the average, working class man is expected to live 50 to 70 years eating chemically altered food and drinking fluoridated water, the elite work towards immortality through science out of reach to the average man. The elite know that the transhumanist technology advances will not be available for the masses but they still bombard pop culture with its imagery, making it trendy and cool, making it something to work towards. It is human nature, after all, to want what you can't have.

Beyoncé, the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Daft Punk, Lady GaGa and Kylie Minogue are just a few mainstream artists who have exploited the transhumanist agenda along side negative occult symbolism. With millions of fans blindly emulating their favorite false idols, there is a very real chance that transhumanism will one day be a common goal for our generation and not just a science fiction conspiracy theory. At the Super Bowl, a few weeks ago, the Black Eyed Peas performed the half-time show continuing their transhumanist propaganda for millions of people to become desensitized to and eventually accept.
Just as the television, VCR, DVD player, personal computer, internet and the smart phone have all made sex easily accessible 24/7, the transhumanist technology available today is being exploited for the instant gratification of man. Meet Aiko, the woman of tomorrow. Who needs a real woman when you can purchase and program a robot to do whatever you want her to do? Men are already purchasing mannequins to have sex with, so [un]naturally, the next step up is the robotic woman. Project Aiko began on August 15, 2007 when inventor Le Trung decided he wanted to build the "perfect woman." Trung used credit cards and his life savings to create the first version of Aiko. She can currently speak English and Japanese, do mild chores and she has all human senses except for smell (and intuition--which is distinctly human). Trung is currently working on version 2 and is accepting donations at his website. Trung says he treats Aiko like a lady and has programmed her to slap you if she is squeezed too hard or if someone touches her chest she says, "I do not like it when you touch my breasts!"
Douglas Hines and Roxxxy
This less fortunate looking couple are Douglas Hines and Roxxxy. Roxxxy is a slut...and a cheap one at that. Unlike Aiko, Roxxxy likes to be touched and is not programmed to act like a lady. For $7000, you can have sex with her "as long as you want, until her battery runs out." Hines says, "She doesn't vacuum or cook, but she does almost everything else." Hines even programmed Roxxxy to have multiple personality disorder--that is, she has five distinct personalities including Frigid Farrah and Wild Wendy. Basically, all of this sick shit is just more programming for those of us with penises. The powers that be want us to want quiet, submissive, plastic women with open orifices and several alter egos. Hines says Roxxxy is his "life's work." He looks so proud of himself.I wish I had their vintage analog synthesizer collection. If you're interested, I'll tell you where you can download the digital Korg MS-20 plug-in I use. Email me for link. Mira (left) loves her MS-20.
Clockwise, starting from upper left frame: Reuben Wu, Mira Aroyo, Helen Marnie and Daniel Hunt.
As above, so below.
While the band has used the signature occult color template of red, black and white, they adopted the dualism/duality black and white linear pattern with their latest album, "Velocifero," which means "bringer of speed" in Latin. The term is not far off from Lucifero or Luxfero which means, "bringer of light." Lucifer is Latin for "light bearer." Lucifer, the fallen angel whom once attempted to ascend higher than the Creator, has always been associated with the torch, symbolic of bringing and passing (the torch) wisdom, illumination and enlightenment to man. This belief has given a reason for the Illuminati and Freemasons to worship Lucifer, whom they actually believe to be a different entity than Satan.

The concepts of duality (while not negative itself, unless purposely perverted with negative symbolism), multiple personalities and alter egos are all-too-common themes explored continuously throughout the site. Just as the Eye of Providence is heavily exploited by the music industry, to the point of being repetitive, these themes are worth pointing out to show that there is an agenda of desensitization and manipulation going on behind the scenes.

In Ladytron's video for "Runaway," the duality is the most obvious theme throughout.

In Freemasonry, the black and white checkerboard and linear patterns are also representative of the diversity of all creation under the Great Architect--Lucifer. When Masons refer and to "God," they are not speaking of the true creator, but of Lucifer. Most of the lower ranking initiates and apprentices are lied to by their higher ranking brothers about whom they worship. By the time a Mason gets to know the truth, he's usually in too deep to get out. He realizes that all of the rituals and obligations were done, not for the Creator, but for Lucifer. Another false idol Masons notoriously worship is the Baphomet.

I know, it's not a goat, but it is still representative of the Baphomet.
Baphomet and his all-seeing eye make a disturbing cameo in Ladytron's "Evil" video. Fitting, no?
the Baphomet
While I have mentioned what occultist Eliphas Levi called the "Sabbatic Goat" numerous times in previous articles, I have never really detailed his blasphemous origins. While Levi claims the Baphomet is actually the depiction of the Greek god Pan, it seems his roots are linked to numerous false idols. The Freemasons deny that they worship him yet he makes numerous appearances in pop culture and is still an important figure in Satanism, suggesting his true identity as a demon entity or possibly Satan himself. The Baphomet is first mentioned in a late 12th century Provençal poem as a corruption of "Muhammad," although the image of Satan, as a half man, half goat is seen in ancient texts as early as the 10th century, in pagan Satan worship. Part of the legend surrounding the famed Ancient Ram's Inn, in Wotton-Under-Edge, England involves pagan children sacrifices to Satan. The pagan worshippers would sacrifice children and in return, recieve gifts from Satan, such as talisman iron goatshoes.
Moloch with child sacrifice
These stories of children sacrifices sound eerily familiar to the Biblical accounts of Israelite and Phoenician pagans who would give child offerings to Molech/Moloch, the horned bull idol, which is possbily where the Baphomet originated. Before YHWH condemned the use of the hexagram and idol worship, Israelites would heat up the inside of the idol until it's hands were red hot and then place a child or baby in it's hands and watch as it was burned to death.
the Cremation of Care
This disturbing ritual sacrifice still takes place every July 17th (going into the 18th) at Bohemian Grove in the ancient redwood forest of Monte Rio, California, by the elitist members of San Francisco's Bohemian Club. During the Cremation of Care, as it is known, Bohemian Club members give Molech, depicted as the horned owl, what is today a mock child sacrifice but was once a real child sacrifice.
the Cremation of Care sacrifice
This picture from 1909 shows the ritual sacrifice of an African-American adolescent.
You have to wonder how someone like Jay-Z could be a Freemason when many of these men are so racist.

A game of 'hang man,' anyone?
A caucasian man is hung in this picture from the same year.
Reagan, Hancock and Nixon
President Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock and President Richard "Dick" Nixon were all BC members.
Nixon famously called the Grove, "the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine."
Yet, he continued to go almost every year from 1953 to 1974.

Nixon was a notorious bigot. He hated Jewish people, homosexual people and Chinese people.
What happens in the Grove stays in the Grove...
President J. Edgar Hoover must've looked forward to this trip every year.
No wonder this club was strictly dickly...

2008 Bohemian Club list
The guest list from 2008.
The Cremation of Care ritual is every July 17th and Ladytron has a hit song called "Seventeen."
Of course I am not implying that they made a song based on the date, I'm just syncing it where I can.

Softcore Jukebox
Human skulls are often symbolic of death.
Way to sexualize death, Mira.

Mirrors too are used in occult rituals as they are often seen as gateways to spirit dimensions/frequencies.
Daniel and Helen
Butterflies, denoting Monarch programming is a rare but still visible theme with the band (Helen's necklace).
Even rarer, pyramids (Daniel's shirt) make appearances.

Los Angeles | Halloween 2009
This flyer from their Halloween 2009 show at the El Rey Theatre in L.A. was likely not even designed by the band but it still contains negative programming imagery including the butterfly, the skull, the Baphomet, horns, dissociating psychedelic colors and the all-seeing eye.
Helen Marnie
The Eye of Providence appears again with Helen.
Blue Jeans
Helen on the cover of their "Blue Jeans" single.

Mira and Reuben
Mira and Reuben.
Mira Aroyo
Finally, once more with Mira.

Ace of Hz

Ladytron's latest single, "Ace of Hz" features the image of a female doll inside of a box. Mannequins, dolls and puppets are often used as dehumanizing references to artists who are being manipulated by handlers. Being one of the more influential pop artists doesn't mean Reuben, Daniel, Helen and Mira don't have to answer to a higher power. From the imagery the band uses, let's just hope that higher power is not a programmer. The Best of Ladytron: 00-10 comes out March 29th, from Nettwerk Records.


  1. Your blog is getting better and better each time I come here. I'm glad you did a post on Ladytron, they were one of my favorite bands a few years ago when I was heavily into music. Have you seen their videos for "Sugar" and "Ghosts"?

    Have you considered bringing this blog to Facebook?

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  2. Yeah, I've seen all of their videos but I was in a rush just to get this article online finally. I'm going to add more to it tonight. I haven't really considered bringing SSW to Facebook. I just feel apprehensive about telling people to be weary of such sites because they are monitored by the C.I.A. and then being like, "Hey guys, come add me on Facebook!" I'll think about it though. I'm working on turning the blog into an actual web site with a huge library, image and video gallery and interactive section with a forum. I used to be into graphic and web design and I figure it finally has a purpose. I've been real busy reading and also making music for a project unrelated to my online activities. Thanks for the support, I am very grateful!

  3. Mk culture, I'm starting to think this IS your blog and you're simply cosigning yourself. I wouldn't put it past you, based on some of your shit I've read.

  4. I don't understand why I would need to invent a blog and cosign myself when I already have a blog of my own. In what way would this benefit me or anyone? Do people even think about what they're saying before they throw accusations out there?

  5. crystal castles is not electropop, bro

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