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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introducing: Inna

Meet Inna, the Romanian electronic dance music singer and latest Illuminati sex slave. The same negative occult and mind control symbolism seen in American pop culture appears in other cultures across the world. It used to be that upcoming artists would have to earn their legion of fans and publicity based on their talent but these days brand new artists can become international famous or infamous seemingly overnight as long as they are willing to sell out and use the same imagery we are used to seeing with more established artists. I've never heard of Inna before today but some have compared her to Lady GaGa and Kylie Minogue, two other Monarch slaves. In 2008, her lead single "Hot" reached the #1 spot on the U.S. Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay and #1 in her homeland of Romania, as well as several other European countries. FHM Romania released several pictures of her this week, including the one above where she has a patch over her right eye, exposing the All-Seeing Eye/Left Eye of Horus (Lucifer) associated with the Illuminati and Freemasonry. She's wearing nothing else but the patch and a pair of golden underwear adorned with chains. Many pop stars wear chains as a reference to the fact that they are slaves to the elite and their handlers.
Another shot of the Eye of Providence. Bracelets could be a reference to Jewel programming.

Six (the number of man in Kabbalah/Qabala beliefs) beautiful, naked women touching one another feeds the misogynistic idea that homosexuality among women is acceptable but men is wrong. Five of the women are wearing masks to cover their identities, dehumanizing and objectifying them in the process, allowing the viewer to think of them only as sexual objects. The masks are also similar to ones worn during masquerade balls/parties thrown by the Masonic elite, where sexual rituals (sex magick) are performed. A few of the women are holding their hands in opposite horizontal directions, symbolic of the Hermetic belief "as above, so below." The belief that what happens on one level of reality (physical) happens on another (spritual or mental).

The women give Inna a bath. The woman on the far right may symbolize Aquarius, the water bearer. Inna is a Russian name that means "heavy water." The New Age is Aquarius, ruled by Saturnus.

The naked women sit down to a pig head dinner. Pigs are often associated with uncleanliness, self-indulgence, materialism, and sexual promiscuity. They are also associated with deep earth magick, intelligence, cunning and past life knowledge. Inna is wearing a pirate style hat and her right eye is covered once again. Two of the women in masks have glasses of milk. There are four skulls on the mantel behind them. Skulls are symbolic of death. Inna is also wearing a black and white dress with red fabric on the hem. Black and white are symbolic of the duality of man and the diversity of creation under the Great Architect, Lucifer. Black, white and red are common ritualistic occult colors as well; red being symbolic of sacrifice.
Inna paints a portrait of the masked women while showing off her left eye again. Inna puts the paintbrush in her mouth, turning it into a sexual reference of the phallus.
Image from her "Sun is Up" video. Black and white duality symbolism again.
Inna covers her right eye this time. After Horus lost his left eye in the battle with Seth, he still had his right, which symbolized the Sun.
Topless Inna with right eye once more.
Left eye.
Inna's "Sun is Up" video starts off with her black and white dualistic bikini.
Second shot is of the Sun. The Illuminati elite worship the Sun.
Are we supposed to believe she is a surfer or is this just a phallus reference?
With all of the black and white, I'm guessing its one of her triggers her handlers use to bring out her "beta"/sex alter.
Shot of her left eye. Her bikini has a mirrored metal design below her bust.
She dances in front of a mirror. Mirrors are used in scrying and are said to reflect the image of one's soul.
Occult practitioners also use mirrors to gaze into the spirit world or astral plane. Mirrors are also said to repel evil.
More duality symbolism.
Inna and two dancers form a sexual trinity that dance under dissociating purple lights. Purple, being made of red and blue is also a duality reference.
The club DJ makes the shape of a golden pyramid. Gold is associated with divinity and gods.
Inna is alone on the beach.
The "Sun is Up," read for worship.
Inna dances in front of a spiraling, hypnotic black and white pattern.
Spirals are symbolic of goddesses, the afterlife and the evolution of the Universe.
9+1+2+5+6+6+9 (upside-down 6)+0+0=38; 3-8=11, the first of the "Master numbers" in Freemasonry. In numerology, most double digit numbers are added together, but not 11, 22, 33, 44...There are two sixes in the phone number on the lifesaver float above and one nine, which is just a six revered by 180 degrees to the right. The number 666 is the number of the "perfect man" in the Kabbalah/Qabala and is notoriously associated with the Anti-Christ/Beast of the Holy Bible. There is also a white X on the float which could just be coincidence but it could so be associated with Osiris, since X is symbolic of the Ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld.

More black and white dualistic triggers/symbolism.
More of Inna's left eye.
The black and white spiral from before turns into a yellow and blue design that resembles a solar halo, symbolic of divinity.
Three dancers. Three is important in Freemasonry. Three represents the Pagan Trinity and also the Unholy Trinity. It is represented geometrically in the triangle and spiritually as the third eye/pineal gland
A blonde woman dances and while she covers her right eye, a black and white masked dancer appears as a possible trigger.
The same woman walks to the bar and notices a man's black and white hat. More evidence she is being triggered.
A man at the bar is slapped by a woman as he checks out the blonde. There is a blue bird on his shirt. This is interesting because the C.I.A. performed horrific mind control experiments on children, prisoners and the mentally ill under the Project Bluebird program, a subdivision of the MK ULTRA experiments. The blue bird is wearing a pink suit and has his right hand raised. This could be a dehumanization reference since the bird is dressed as a man but has a bird head.

A creepy photographer takes pictures of Inna on a boat. His right eye is covered with a flash bulb that looks like a large eye and his left eye is closed but still visible.
Quick shot of a man's left eye, hidden behind sunglasses.
Three black and white masked male dancers in front of a Luciferian light.
Three Luciferian lights in the back of two male fighters.
The symbolism and imagery we've seen time and time again from American and European artists is continually displayed across other cultures and nations as globalization and evil continue to infect the world. Now that we know what to look out for, hopefully we can learn to stop supporting these artists financially because we are just making their handlers wealthy and keeping these artists in bondage.

Phoenix Pediatrician Charged with Distributing Child Pornography Escapes Custody

I live in Phoenix so when I heard a few days ago that Phoenix pediatrician Dr. Emilio Luna had been charged by the U.S. Attorney's Office for distributing thousands of child pornography photos into an online, public file-sharing system, I was creeped out. I thought it was good that he was at least caught and charged but then today, I saw on television that he escaped custody Sunday, when he was allowed by authorities to attend church. Luna was under house arrest until his trial but was granted permission to attend Sunday services with an ankle monitoring bracelet but never returned. His monitoring bracelet, vehicle and a pair of bolt cutters were found at the church. Police didn't find his vehicle until 8 hours later, giving him enough time to get across the Mexican border if he wanted.

Recently, another man, Edward Joseph Osche was caught distributing child pornography images across the country. He was discovered when Florida police arrested one of the men Osche had sent the images to. Osche had been sending this internet user images from September 28, 2007 - October 24, 2007. He received 20 years in prison for the possession of over 1,000 sexually explicit images and videos of children and infants.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Dr. Emilio Luna is urged to call the F.B.I. at (602) 279-5511. Keep a close eye on your children and the people around them. Tell your children from an early age that there are predators in the world and if someone is hurting them, they should tell you immediately. Most child victims of pedophilia are assaulted by people they already know.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rihanna $ells $ex as the Lady in Red

'SEX' is clearly being offered to anyone with eyes on the cover of Rihanna's latest single, in which she sings, "I want you to love me...like I'm a ride (sexual reference). Be thinking of me...doing what you like."

Someone in the YouTube comments said they couldn't see it so I highlighted it above.

I usually feel some sympathy or empathy for these Monarch slaves because I know what its like to be a slave or physically in debt to another low-level entity (I'm not going to get into that here so don't ask) but then I see pictures like this, and that feeling goes away. I understand that a lot of these girls might not even be completely self-aware and I really try my best not to judge them but sometimes I just think that they (like I did) put themselves in these horrible situations and are not worth feeling sorry for. Rihanna's latest single is called "Only Girl (In the World)" and the cover art is exactly what you have come to expect from today's pop tarts. She has her right eye covered (leaving her All-Seeing Eye/Left Eye of Horus exposed) as she crouches down in the grass completely nude, except for a red dress (a reference to the Lady in Red/Scarlett Woman--Whore of Babylon) that covers her from the front like a blanket. The dress has suggestive rose designs on it but she's not even wearing the dress. She is wearing a Masonic checkerboard pattern arm band that symbolizes the duality of man and the diversity of creation under Lucifer, the Great Architect, a necklace and a bright red wig. To make sure the message is getting to the kids, the word 'SEX' has not so subtly been worked into the cover, above the title of the song. At first listen, I didn't like the song but I must admit that its grown on me. Crystal Johnson, Stargate and Sandy Vee did a great job making an upbeat dance song. When I first heard the song, I did not realize that it was not the official version, but a distorted version a fan used so that Rihanna's label wouldn't remove the video.

10/21 UPDATE: The official video has been released. Rihanna is still sporting the same red hair from the single cover. She was seen at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with red hair, where she performed with Eminem.

Rihanna is depicted as the title suggests, the only girl in the world.
There are plenty of all-seeing eye shots throughout the video.
The setting is a dissociatively colored hill top.
The sun is shining down on Rihanna as she sings. The Illuminati and their slaves worship the sun.
Pyramid with the all-seeing eye top cap made between her right thumb and index finger.
More Eye of Horus symbolism.

Flowers are triggers for many mind control victims.

Flowers are also symbolic of the vagina.

She appears to make the figure of the Masonic idol, Baphomet, the Goat of Mendes.

The purple sky reiterates the dissociative theme of a mind control slave being in a surreal state of mind.

The balloons are floating, which symbolize the floating feeling a mind control victim feels during dissociative states.
More blatant vaginal imagery to appeal to the primal sexual desires of the audience.
The giant rose is not only a trigger but is also reinforcing the dissociative surreal state.

The reflection in the water represents the duality of nature and the Hermetic concept of as above, so below which is the belief that what happens in one plane of reality (astral/spiritual) , happens in the other (material/physical).
Rihanna swings on top of the world, again reinforcing the dissociatve state of not touching the ground.
Apparently, Rihanna has been programmed to believe that she can achieve the abstract concept of illumination by staying in the dissociative state brought on by physical, spiritual and sexual trauma from her programmer/handler.

She celebrates her new found enlightenment.

Throughout the song, Rihanna tells her handler/programmer (hidden behind the persona of a love interest) that through mind control and ritual abuse programming, she wants him to make her feel like the only girl in the world, which is a dissociative state. The dissociative state makes her feel loved because she is being brain washed to feel good by her programmer. Dissociation is the physical reaction the human brain has to the intense and repetitive trauma brought on by programming.