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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rihanna $ells $ex as the Lady in Red

'SEX' is clearly being offered to anyone with eyes on the cover of Rihanna's latest single, in which she sings, "I want you to love me...like I'm a ride (sexual reference). Be thinking of me...doing what you like."

Someone in the YouTube comments said they couldn't see it so I highlighted it above.

I usually feel some sympathy or empathy for these Monarch slaves because I know what its like to be a slave or physically in debt to another low-level entity (I'm not going to get into that here so don't ask) but then I see pictures like this, and that feeling goes away. I understand that a lot of these girls might not even be completely self-aware and I really try my best not to judge them but sometimes I just think that they (like I did) put themselves in these horrible situations and are not worth feeling sorry for. Rihanna's latest single is called "Only Girl (In the World)" and the cover art is exactly what you have come to expect from today's pop tarts. She has her right eye covered (leaving her All-Seeing Eye/Left Eye of Horus exposed) as she crouches down in the grass completely nude, except for a red dress (a reference to the Lady in Red/Scarlett Woman--Whore of Babylon) that covers her from the front like a blanket. The dress has suggestive rose designs on it but she's not even wearing the dress. She is wearing a Masonic checkerboard pattern arm band that symbolizes the duality of man and the diversity of creation under Lucifer, the Great Architect, a necklace and a bright red wig. To make sure the message is getting to the kids, the word 'SEX' has not so subtly been worked into the cover, above the title of the song. At first listen, I didn't like the song but I must admit that its grown on me. Crystal Johnson, Stargate and Sandy Vee did a great job making an upbeat dance song. When I first heard the song, I did not realize that it was not the official version, but a distorted version a fan used so that Rihanna's label wouldn't remove the video.

10/21 UPDATE: The official video has been released. Rihanna is still sporting the same red hair from the single cover. She was seen at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with red hair, where she performed with Eminem.

Rihanna is depicted as the title suggests, the only girl in the world.
There are plenty of all-seeing eye shots throughout the video.
The setting is a dissociatively colored hill top.
The sun is shining down on Rihanna as she sings. The Illuminati and their slaves worship the sun.
Pyramid with the all-seeing eye top cap made between her right thumb and index finger.
More Eye of Horus symbolism.

Flowers are triggers for many mind control victims.

Flowers are also symbolic of the vagina.

She appears to make the figure of the Masonic idol, Baphomet, the Goat of Mendes.

The purple sky reiterates the dissociative theme of a mind control slave being in a surreal state of mind.

The balloons are floating, which symbolize the floating feeling a mind control victim feels during dissociative states.
More blatant vaginal imagery to appeal to the primal sexual desires of the audience.
The giant rose is not only a trigger but is also reinforcing the dissociative surreal state.

The reflection in the water represents the duality of nature and the Hermetic concept of as above, so below which is the belief that what happens in one plane of reality (astral/spiritual) , happens in the other (material/physical).
Rihanna swings on top of the world, again reinforcing the dissociatve state of not touching the ground.
Apparently, Rihanna has been programmed to believe that she can achieve the abstract concept of illumination by staying in the dissociative state brought on by physical, spiritual and sexual trauma from her programmer/handler.

She celebrates her new found enlightenment.

Throughout the song, Rihanna tells her handler/programmer (hidden behind the persona of a love interest) that through mind control and ritual abuse programming, she wants him to make her feel like the only girl in the world, which is a dissociative state. The dissociative state makes her feel loved because she is being brain washed to feel good by her programmer. Dissociation is the physical reaction the human brain has to the intense and repetitive trauma brought on by programming.


  1. there is also the red hair on her. if my memory serves me right, the temple/sacred prostitutes in some ancient country had their hair dyed red. they were not allowed other colours.

  2. Thanks for that, Emine. I couldn't find exactly which civilization you were referring to but prostitutes have been associated with the color red for thousands of years (like Mary Magdalen) so I understand what you were saying.