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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Becomes the Scarlet Woman

Amanda Seyfried | Elle April 2011Who knew out of all the young women from "Mean Girls," Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams would be the ones with impressive careers and Lindsay Lohan would be uninsurable, therefore unemployable. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Amanda is on the cover of April's issue of Elle magazine, where she looks amazing. Inside the magazine, she talks about the numerous men she's gotten to kiss on and off the set and her new film, "Red Riding Hood," the unappealing (to me anyway) new werewolf film based on the almost seven hundred year old folktale about a girl, her red hood and a dangerous predatory man-eating wolf.

Amanda Seyfried | Elle April 2011Amanda and a lamb, representing innocence, purity and docility.
The lamb is also symbolic of Christ, who is known as "the lamb of God."
Basically, she's the good girl Lindsay is not.
Amanda Seyfried | Elle April 2011Amanda with a white cat, showing a little more skin.
Amanda Seyfried | Elle April 2011More cats, reinforcing the Beta programming/"sex kitten" imagery so common among today's starlets.

Nine Lives (2005)
In the Elle interview, she says, "I thought I was horrible in 'Nine Lives'. I really thought I could have done better. The director, Gary, is a friend of mine, and I just didn’t want to do him wrong." Cats are said to have nine lives. Besides a cat, there is also a dove in the poster for "Nine Lives," which almost always is symbolic of peace.

Amanda Seyfried | Elle April 2011Amanda with a goose.

Amanda Seyfried & Finn
Amanda obviously loves animals. She is often photographed walking her Aussie Shepherd, Finn.

Amanda Seyfried dressed as a dog
She even dressed a dog last Halloween.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
In the horrible film "Jennifer's Body," Amanda plays Anita, "Needy" as she is called by Jennifer, played by MK'd Megan Fox. The film takes place in the fictional town of "Devil's Kettle," named for the famous waterfall on the outskirts of town that leads to a whirlpool (spin programming is used on mind control victims to get them to dissociate) down a hole that leads to the unknown/Abyss (Hell). The water tank lids are painted black and silver, not quite black and white but still representative of the duality of man and the diversity of creation under the Great Architect, Lucifer. Black and white linear or checkerboard patterns are often triggers used to reinforce programming on mind control slaves like Lindsay Lohan, who as I mentioned above has worked with Amanda in "Mean Girls" and Megan in Disney's "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen."

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Fritz Springmeier talks about spin programming in his book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. On page 76 he says, "Drugs will be used to enhance the spinning effect when the mind is being programmed to have vortexes and to set up traps within the slave’s mind. One particular drug enhances the trauma by 100 times. Drugs can be useful for instance, to enhance a child’s terror of the experience of this child being placed in a small box in the fetal position for 24 hours. This helps shorten the programming time, and it also make the programming more intense. The programmers know what antidotes to give to pull the child out of the enhancement."

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Being the Devil's Kettle high school, it makes sense the school mascot is the Devil. He raises his arms in praise; to get the crowd cheering. His shadow as he moves across the court makes the eerie shape of the Masonic demon idol, Baphomet, who needs to introduction on this site. This is not the last you will see of him in the film. The cheerleaders and basketball players are wearing purple, one of the school spirit colors. Ben from Pseudo-Occult Media seems to think that purple has a dissociating effect on mind control victims since blue and red are polar opposites.
Purple could also be a trigger reinforcing color programming. Some mind control slaves under this specific programming may actually believe that they are an alter that is an actual color. In this case they would think they were the color purple. That doesn't mean they think they are a lifeless crayon (unless their programmer actually programs them to just lie there), only that their alter is called "purple" or whatever color and has it's own personality separate from their core personality.
The other school spirit colors seem to be orange and red, which are used to make flames on the flags that the cheerleaders are spinning. This is essentially Satan High. This makes you wonder just how many high school rituals are actually programming or occult activities used on students.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
After being accused of being "lesbi-gay" lovers by some bitchy girl at the assembly, the bff's (best friends forever--biffs as Needy calls it) meet up at Needy's locker where Jennifer tries to convince her to dress herself up and come to some local dive to see some shitty emo band called Low Shoulder. There is a sexualized female devil/demon sticker inside the door of Needy's locker, reinforcing the succubus theme of the film.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Needy gets ready to hangout with Jennifer as her boyfriend Chip watches in disappointment. Chip's name could be a reinforcement to remind Amanda and Megan that their handlers always know where they are at all times, as most mind control victims are implanted with radio frequency identification microchips. To the right of Needy, against the wall, there is a Chinese checkerboard which has the shape of a hexagram, one of the most powerful occult symbols. To the left of Chip, on the wall going up to the ceiling, there are several different colored butterflies denoting obvious Monarch programming. We already know that Megan Fox has a tattoo in real life of MK Presidential model sex slave Marilyn Monroe as well as the phrase "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" which is from William Shakespeare's King Lear, Act V, Scene III.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Needy changes from her fuchsia sweater she wore to school into another purple top, which shows off her stomach but not her cleavage as she is not allowed to because that is "her thing." Jennifer's domination over Needy based on her beauty and high school status are reminiscent of queen bee "plastic" Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) in "Mean Girls."

Heath Ledger w/ dragonfly tattoo
Behind Needy, there are dragonflies on the wall. Dragonflies, while not related to butterflies (like the moth), seem to be triggers for programming. MK'd actor Heath Ledger had a dragonfly tattoo so it could be a more masculine option to the butterfly tattoos that so many MK'd actresses and singers (Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore and Mariah Carey have symbolizing Project Monarch.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Anita and Chip start kissing after she explains to him what Jennifer means by calling men she finds "beautiful" the phrase "salty" After Chip compliments her and starts to undo his belt (semen is said to be salty...so there is this weird moment where you're almost uncomfortable that these teens are talking about this). They get interrupted when Needy almost telepathically senses that Jennifer has arrived. When she turns her head (without Jennifer even saying anything first) and says that Jennifer is there, her butterfly earring becomes visible. Even Chip realizes how weird their relationship is and reminds Needy that she does whatever Jennifer tells her too.
Mind control slaves are heavily experimented on with drugs, some of which are even known to aid telepathic abilities according to both Fritz Springmeier and former Presidential model sex slave Brice Taylor. Ketamine, a synthetic dissociative and tranquilizer used on both animals and humans, is believed to be one of these drugs based on separate anecdotal evidence from experienced recreational users/abusers. Ketamine is famous for it's k-hole dissociative effect similar to the naturally occurring out of body or near death experience the brain produces when we dream in our REM phase of sleep or when under significant stress. Due to its wide use in veterinary clinics and abuse by veterinary workers who have easier access to it, it is sometimes referred to as a "cat tranquilizer."

Jennifer's Body (2009)
There's a quick cameo of the film's script writer, Diablo Cody (born Brook Busey--we all remember how much Masons love their slaves with double B names) in the bar as Needy explains the difference between a big city club and Melody Lane. Diablo ("Devil" in Spanish, which fits into this film quite well) won an Oscar (Osiris) in 2007 for Best Original Screenplay for the coming of age film "Juno" starring Ellen Page as a high school girl who gets pregnant and then gives her baby up for adoption after realizing that she is not ready to be a mother. The film was controversial because 17 high school girls all under the age of 16 became pregnant in Gloucester, Massachusetts, allegedly after seeing the film.

Hard Candy (2005)
Ellen Page starred in the film "Hard Candy which is about a 14-year old girl named Hayley who turns the tables on an assumed pedophile after she meets him online and agrees to let him pick her up from the mall and take her home. Jeff, played by Patrick Wilson, is a photographer who Hayley believes is not only a pedophile but also a murderer responsible for the disappearance of a local girl. Once at his house, he lets her listen to some heavily MK'd Goldfrapp before she offers to make some screwdrivers after warning him that she would not drink anything she hadn't made herself. After preparing the drinks, he becomes far more intoxicated than she but she distracts him by offering to pose for pictures. He begins taking pictures as she asks questions and it becomes clear that she has drugged him.

Ellen Page & Patrick Wilson
He passes out and wakes up tied up and starts screaming for help but she warns him that she is on to him and that she knows he is involved in the missing girl's disappearance but he denies it. After asphyxiating him with plastic wrap he passes out again. When he wakes up this time, he is lying down on a table and there is ice on his genitals. Hayley makes it clear that he will never hurt another girl again because she is going to castrate him. I won't spoil the entire move for you but I will talk more about it further in the post.

Little Children (2006)
Patrick Wilson has been in another film involving pedophilia and castration, called "Little Children," where he and Kate Winslet play two married people (not to each other) who meet at a playground where they take their children. They form a friendship and eventually have an affair and then kind of fall in love. While all of this is going on, a pedophile played by Jackie Earle Haley is lurking around the public pool the new couple frequent. The film mixes sex scenes with two really attractive (Wilson and Winslet) people with the unsettling and disgusting behavior of a pedophile (Haley). In one disturbing scene, Haley masturbates while watching a child through a window from the street, in the car of a blind date, who he then threatens to "get" if she tells anybody.

This can be dangerous because when you turn an audience on with sex in the same film that is also about a pedophile, you're programming their subconscious to associate pedophilia with the physical release of dopamine in the brain. If this is done wrong way (showing sex in a scene directly before or after showing children being preyed on--which this film does not), one could assume that eventually, the body could be provoked to have a positive response to pedophilia. You have to remember that pedophilia is a huge problem in the world, more so than you initially suspect. Many politicians, actors and musicians are pedophiles but it is all underground.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Back to the shitty movie...Needy and Jennifer talk about cock and then Jennifer actually grabs a guy named Roman's cock, then the band gets on stage. Low Shoulder's lead singer is Nikolai Wolf, played by Adam Brody, whom Jennifer has the hots for. Eerie chiming music plays as Nikolai pulls out his guitar with the golden image of the Baphomet's head (including Luciferian torch) on the neck. He wears eyeliner and has a crescent moon tattoo on his neck. Jennifer and Needy go up to the stage and introduce themselves.
Jennifer offers to buy him a "9/11 Red White and Blue tribute shooter", which is just a way to reinforce the traumaic 9/11 mega ritual into the audience's subconscious. As the band starts playing, Jennifer seems to become entranced by the music. A fire (supernaturally?) breaks out yet Jennifer is still in a dissociative trance despite the screaming people who are burning and getting trampled. Nikolai takes the dazed and confused Jennifer into the band's van against Needy's warnings and drive off into the night.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Later that night, when Needy is at home, she calls Chip and tells him what happened. She is worried about Jennifer and wants to go look for her but doesn't know where she could be. Then she hears someone downstairs. As she heads out of her bedroom, we see the wall to her left decorated with more colorful butterflies cascading down the side of a crescent moon, like the one Nikolai had on his neck.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
She finds Jennifer standing in her kitchen, covered in blood and still seemingly in a trance. Jennifer opens the fridge and grabs a Boston Market rotisserie chicken and throws it on the floor and tears it apart like a wild animal. When Needy tries to tell her that she isn't supposed to eat that, Jennifer lets out this demonic scream that startles Needy. Jennifer is unable to digest the chicken and begins vomiting a thick black sludge that begins to shape-shift on the ground into prickly spikes.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
A porcelain cat on the shelf where Needy's cell phone is to reinforce Beta programming.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Jennifer's bloody hand covers Needy's left eye, leaving her right eye of Ra visible.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Jennifer throws Needy against the wall, feels her up and then throws her against another wall before walking backwards out of the house, leaving Needy to clean up her black projectile vomit in the kitchen. The next day, at school, Needy reminisces about when she and Jennifer were little girls playing in sandbox. Even back then, Jennifer was the dominant friend and controlled Needy and made her feel less pretty. The young Needy is wearing a bright green hoodie with yellow butterflies on it. When Jennifer gets a metal pin stuck in her right hand, Needy takes it out and sucks her blood.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Victims of Monarch programming are often children who already have a history of physical or sexual abuse. This blond-haired, blue-eyed girl is the target demographic for Illuminati slaves. Programmers/handlers prefer blond victims because their hair is symbolic of enlightenment and illumination but also, Lucifer is said (by worshippers) to have blinding white skin, piercing blue eyes and platinum blond hair--Caucasian features. The Aryan race coveted by Hitler makes a little more sense when you understand who it is that they worship.

Jennifer's Body (2009)
Jennifer makes it to class looking well and fit and tries to blow off the night before. Needy can't believe her eyes and ears but let's it go because Jennifer is getting irritated. A cat skeleton and more butterflies are on the shelf to the right of Jennifer's desk. Beta and Monarch programming are typically used together with many other mind control techniques created by the post-WWII-Nazi MK ULTRA experiments.

This movie is so boring, I can't stand it. Jennifer tells Needy what happened to her that night she left with the band. They sacrificed her to Satan so they could achieve fame and fortune "like Maroon 5." You've heard this story before and it's probably true that [some] artists have to perform human blood rituals (dedicated to Satan) to keep their success but I'm sure it's not just a one time thing. Being that Diablo Cody used to be a stripper, wears a lot of leopard print and wrote this movie along with the Showtime series "United States of Tara," which is about a woman coping with dissociative identity disorder, I'm assuming that she too is a slave.

A lot of these films today combine the dark truths of the real world of mind control and the occult with fiction so that you can't tell for sure what is real and what isn't. Plus, there is the advantage that if anybody becomes suspicious of the fuckery going on behind the scenes and tries to make waves, they will be ridiculed for getting too many ideas from watching too many films or too much television.

Little Red Riding Hood (1927)
Amanda's latest film, "Red Riding Hood" features a famous canine known as the Big Bad Wolf from the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood or the Brothers Grimm story Rotkäppchen, meaning Little Red Cap, as it is also known. She plays the title character, only an older version of the original, who was a prepubescent girl. Sex sells, so it makes sense that they would take the role traditionally portrayed by a child and use a beautiful woman instead. The name of the girl in the story is never mentioned but in the film, the lead character is named Valerie. Valerie originates from the Old French Latin verb valere, meaning "valor"; to be "valiant, strong, healthy or capable." Amanda's name comes from the Latin word Amatus, meaning "beloved" or "to be loved."

Amanda Seyfried in Teen Vogue
The colors red and white are traditionally used with Little Red Riding Hood. Red is the color of blood, anger, guilt, sin, lust, love, passion, sex, heat and beauty and sacrifice. Red catches people's attention and can be used either in a negative way to indicate danger and emergency or in a positive way to gain more viewers, as in nature, when a ripe fruit announces its readiness with its red color. Several studies have indicated that red carries the strongest human reaction of all the colors, with the level of reaction decreasing gradually with orange, yellow, and white. As with the lamb Amanda posed with in Elle, white is the color of innocence, purity, docility and also virginity, beauty, peace, virtue and cleanliness. In Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian tradition, white is the color of mourning and death.

red & white maryllis
A red and white amaryllis flower.

amanita muscaria mushroom
The colors red and white are used together a lot and the combination is even found in nature. In Nicky Minaj: Birth of a Star, I talked a little about the amanita muscaria mushroom, which has been used for divination and mystic rituals as well as for inducing states of altered consciousness since prehistoric times. I mentioned earlier that Little Red Riding Hood is also known as Little Red Cap, which could easily be a term for the amanita muscaria. The Brothers Grimm, who wrote Rotkäppchen (Little Red Cap), were heavily involved in the occult and including much of their knowledge in their stories. Animals such as deer and elk have been well documented eating the psychedelic mushroom since ancient times. The Christmas tradition of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer are thought to have originated from the red and white color of the hallucinogenic and poisonous (although rarely deadly) fungi and the side effect of the active psychedelic ingredient muscimol, which is said to give the consumer the feeling of flying.

In The Sacred Mushroom, by Andrija Puharich, he mentions numerous uses from civilizations all over the world throughout history and also describes the different effects from several viewpoints, as not all experiences are the same. In eastern Siberia, the mushroom has an ancient history of use by shamans to separate consciousness from the human body and in Mexico, the mushroom's legend tells of it's aiding in psychic abilities. In Jochen Gartz's Magic Mushrooms Around the World, he states that while it is believed that the amanita muscaria is responsible for the famous Nordic warriors altered state of rage known as "berserk," there is actually little evidence that this fungi produces such effects on the human brain. The effects of the amanita muscaria are exceptionally different from that of the psilocybin species of mushroom, most notably in that the psilocybin mushroom produces an intense euphoria that leads to uncontrollable (and hilarious) laughter.

psilocybin mushrooms
Psilocybin "penis envy" mushrooms from my own shamanic practices.
Roughly 1/4th of an ounce of dried fungi produces a profound experience on the mind, body and soul.

Every culture that has used hallucinogenic plants and fungi for spiritual or shamanic practices have considered these sacred beings (they are alive afterall) to be gifts from God. It has only been recently that institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church and the governments around the world that have demonized and criminalized its use due to the negative effects from abuse and misuse of these gifts. From my own experience, I can reiterate the warnings of misuse as abuse can lead to psychological trauma with very serious consequences including the activation of undiagnosed psychological disorders and diseases. The intoxication of an inexperienced person or can lead to physical injury if said person were to believe the illusions one sees while "high" (i.e. someone thinks they are flying and jumps off the roof of their house and breaks their leg). The ancient users of psychedelic plants and fungi believed that these powerful divination tools could be used to take oneself into the astral/spiritual realm--that is, a dimension/frequency that shares the same space as this physical dimension/frequency but is unseen to the naked eye.

Hallucinogenic plants and fungi have always been sacred or considered holy by ancient mystics and like life itself, are true gifts from God, given to us to experience the overwhelming (and natural) state of bliss and the knowledge outside of our direct comprehension. Unlike other psychoactive plants that man has manipulated to turn into drugs, the ability to achieve momentary ecstasy from these sacred beings in their natural state makes them every human's right to experience. I believe the real reason they are criminalized throughout the world is because the evil powers that be do not want us to achieve the incomparable states of divinity that these beautiful beings are legendary for. The masses of people throughout the world are easily to control when they have been dumb-down and ignorant of their true potential.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
In the trailer for "Red Riding Hood," Amanda Seyfried's character Valerie, is seen wearing a light blue and white dress, very similar to what we have seen worn by the character Alice from The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland books by Lewis Carroll and their film portrayals. Amanda even has a sync to Tim Burton's MK adventure "Alice in Wonderland" star Mia Wasikowska. Wasikowska replaced her in the film "Albert Nobbs" due to scheduling conflicts. Alice in Wonderland programming is used on victims of mind control, particularly Monarch slaves. The victim is told they are Alice and the programmer/handler is the white rabbit. The programmer will send the victim "down the rabbit hole" into Wonderland, which are trigger words to get the victim to dissociate. Dissociation is reinforced through repetitive physical and sexual trauma.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
During a festival or celebration of some sort, the characters are dancing and Valerie is making a hand sign that is not only similar to the shape of a pyramid but also reminiscent of the Masonic handshake. Because Valerie and the other young woman are not actually engaging in a hand shake, its hard to determine which handshake is really being portrayed. There are several, as seen below:
Masonic handshakes
Since Freemasonry is based on many of the ancient teachings of the Egyptian and Babylonian mysteries, it makes sense that the Masonic handshakes are variations of the Babylonian god Nabu/Nebo's mystic grip.

Nebo's mystic grip
Nabu (נבו) is the Assyrian and Babylonian god of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabu's consort was Tashmetum. His Greek equivalent was Apollo or Hermes and his Roman, Mercury, making him associated with the planet Mercury as well. His title was the "interpreter of the gods."

Red Riding Hood (2011)
The duality of good and evil.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
As suspicion takes over the village, the suspects are shown while Father August (Lukas Haas) closes the metal door with an image of a hungry, snarling wolf with Luciferian black wings painted on it. The tradition Little Red Riding Hood story centers around an actual wolf but this adaptation's villain is a werewolf. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, also directed "Twilight," so she already has worked on a semi-horror film centered around lycanthropy, the supernatural and a romance between two young adults. Valarie's love interest is Peter, played by newcomer Shiloh Fernandez, whom Hardwicke had to convince Amanda Seyfried to work with. Another great sync is that Shiloh will be in an upcoming film called "The Beloved" and earlier I mentioned Amanda's name comes from the Latin word Amatus, meaning "beloved."

Gustave Doré's illustration
The Big Bad Wolf in the various versions of the story is the dominant threat throughout the story but most people overlook the predatory aspect because its only a fairytale. The idea is rather scary though since what he is after is a child. The wolf wants the but is afraid to eat her in public, which is why he waits for the perfect moment. If you think about it, this could easily be symbolic of a real life child predator or pedophile, who is also afraid of the repercussions harming a child in public would bring. While the original children stories contain no sexual tones, the modern depiction of a man (who would no doubt have real sexual desires), loosing control of himself and turning into a beast with even less self-control, stalking a beautiful young woman brings sexuality into the story. The romance within the film between Valerie and Peter reinforces sexual human nature into the subconscious of the audience, at the same time connecting this romance and sexual tension with violence.

The Big Bad Wolf even dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother in the story, an suspiciously predatory act of a human pedophile, who would try to manipulate the victim's trust by impersonating someone the victim knows or deceiving the victim by telling them that someone they know sent them.

Hard Candy (2005)
Earlier in the post, I talked about the film "Hard Candy," but what I didn't mention was the "Little Red Riding Hood" theme used in the film. Hayley (Ellen Page) wears a red hoodie throughout the film and of course the predator is the pedophile, Jeff (Patrick Wilson).

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Connecting the story and film with sexual tones is the color red itself which, as mentioned previously, is symbolic of blood, guilt, sin, lust, passion, heat and beauty--all on their own already connected to sex. In the trailer, Peter takes Valerie to the top of snow-capped mountains where his black clothing and her red hood contrast against the white setting. From above and behind, Valerie's hood and long flowing cape look very much like a menstruating vagina.

Ginger Snaps' Katharine Isabelle
A great Canadian independent werewolf film called "Ginger Snaps" connected lycanthropy with the female menstruation cycle in such a clever way that it would be a shame not to give credit where it's due. The film uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty. The lead character, Ginger, played by the beautiful Katharine Isabelle, and her sister Brigitte, played by the lovely Emily Perkins, are obsessed with death and gore. When a strange predatory animal begins killing local domestic dogs, they decide take advantage of the situation by getting back at a bitchy girl at their high school by stealing her rottweiler so she thinks the predator has taken it. They find a dead dog on a playground on their way to the girl's house and instead of running home to safety, they stick around to figure out a way to use the dead dog in their plan. They notice the dead dog is still warm, meaning it was recently killed. Out of nowhere, Ginger is attacked by a werewolf and injured. The next morning, her wounds have mysteriously started to heal but at school she notices that there is hair growing out of her wounds and then she gets her first period. The film was obviously very influential to the shitfest that was "Jennifer's Body."

lunar phases from October 2007
The film makes clever use of the curse of the werewolf and the so-called curse of womenhood, connecting them since they both share a believed trigger--the moon. The moon has long been thought to control human senses and emotions. For thousands of years different cultures tied the fortunes of man to the lunar cycles. The ancients depicted the concept as the great Wheel of Fortune, eternally turning and spilling off the winners on top while bearing up the wretches beneath and giving them their time in the limelight before they, too, get dumped. The trouble was that no one knew for sure what powered that wheel or exactly what speed it was turning for any given individual. People knew their days were numbered, but they didn’t know by how much. The cycles of the moon have also been associated with women's menstrual cycles. There are 28 days in a lunar month, which is the same amount of time for most menstrual cycles.

The word "menstruation" is etymologically related to the word "moon". The terms "menstruation" and "menses" are derived from the Latin word "mensis" (month), which in turn relates to the Greek "mene" (moon) and to the roots of the English words month and moon— reflecting the fact that the moon's period of revolution around the earth (27.32 days) is similar to that of the human menstrual cycle. The synodical lunar month, the period between two new moons/full moons, is 29.53 days long. Ancient Babylonians believed that women were fertile according to the moon but studies on both female humans and animals have shown that
while night-lighting does have some effect on the menstruation cycle for some species, it is most likely a coincidence that female humans menstrual cycles are synchronized with the lunar month. In fact, only 30% of women have their cycle fall within two days of the lunar month. Some have said that it is because of electricity or even man's manipulation of fire that has thrown women's cycles off the lunar cycle but that has yet to be proven.

In 1996, Ivan Kelly, James Rotton and Roger Culver examined over 100 studies on lunar effects and concluded that said studies failed to show a reliable and significant correlation between the new moon/full moon, or any other phase of the moon, and each of the following: the homicide rate, traffic accidents, domestic violence, birth of babies, suicide, major disasters, assassinations, kidnappings, violence in prisons, assaults, gunshot wounds, stabbings, emergency room admissions, behavioral or psychological outbursts, lycanthropy, vampirism, alcoholism, sleep walking or epilepsy. The terms "lunatic" and "lunacy" are derived from the Roman moon goddess, Luna. Selene, was the Greek incarnation of Luna. Her brother was Helios, the sun god.
Folklore and lunar myths have kept the the full moon a hot topic in the media worldwide but there is no scientific evidence to support any of the links made between human behavior and lunar cycles.

The tides of the world's oceans are also effected by the moon's gravity. Recently, its been discovered that the moon also effects the tides of the tectonic plates, although the tectonic tides are nowhere near strong enough to cause earthquakes, as some people once believed. The male human body is made up of roughly 60% water and the female body about 55% so even though the lunar effect on humans may just be superstition, if the moon effects the tides in the oceans, then why not the water inside our bodies?

Red Riding Hood (2001
Gary Oldman plays Father Solomon, a Roman Catholic priest who is called to the village to help hunt the werewolf. He speaks during the trailer telling the townspeople that during the day, the beast is one of their own and that he and his men will be searching everybody's home to find the culprit. He even demands from Valerie to know who the werewolf is, as he suspects it is one of her love interests. What's funny is that in real life, for as long as there has been Roman Catholicism, there have been priests (and Jewish rabbis) who have preyed on children. Is Father Solomon the beast?

Red Riding Hood (2011)
The trailer connects the film with sin, lust, heat and sex again when Peter pushes up Valerie against the log wall and she wraps her legs around his waist. There is even a fire in the background. Valerie is still wearing her Alice dress which sexualizes the abuse and dissociation involved in Wonderland programming.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Another sexual position.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
All-seeing eye of Horus on a young man I don't think is Peter.
Does his eye look strange? Perhaps he is the werewolf?

Red Riding Hood (2011)
So that's what he was watching...
The purity of the snow, the innocence and virginity of Valerie is defiled by fornication (sin). The red hood on the snow could also represent the breaking and bleeding of the hymen. Valerie is no longer pure so her hood's symbolism changes from beauty to lust, turning her into the Scarlet Women, the Lady in Red, the Whore of Babylon. She is ready to be Nabu's (Satan) consummate, Tashmetum.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Blue flowers inside pyramid-shaped haystacks could be triggers to reinforce programming.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Occult practitioners often wear hooded robes during rituals. Rituals sometimes involve sacrifices, which is symbolized by the color red. The synopsis of the film says that the townspeople offer animal sacrifices to the werewolf to appease his hunger. Her hood is also the shape of a pyramid once again. In this trailer shot, the snow is falling up, as if she is in a dissociative, unreal setting like a dream or trance state with her eyes are closed.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Peter's all-seeing eye of Horus.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Valerie literally falls to her knees as she dissociates, creating the image of a red pyramid from behind.
The red pyramid represents the bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
The blood moon are associated with bad omens.
This is said to be the night that the werewolf in the film first kills a human.

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Valerie becomes the sacrifice.
I wonder whose bright idea that was? Father Solomon perhaps?

Red Riding Hood (2011)
"What big eyes you have..."

Red Riding Hood (2011)
"Red Riding Hood" hits theaters tomorrow, Friday, March 11th.
3x11=33, as in the 33rd degree of Masonry and one of the Masonic power numbers.
33 is the most influential of all numbers and in Masonic beliefs is the "Master Teacher". 33 combines the 11 and the 22 and brings their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. What makes the 33 especially impressive, is the high level of sincere devotion. This is shown in its determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others. 33 in full force is said to be extremely rare. 33 only matters when found among the core numbers: the life path, heart's desire, expression, personality, maturity number or as an essence/pinnacle cycle.

In all other cases the 33 should be reduced to a 6, which in Kabbalistic beliefs, is the number of man since God created man on the sixth day in Genesis. The fact that the 33 is extra-ordinary demanding and rare can be seen symbolically in the methods of calculation. For example, a 33 life path can happen only when each of the 3 units of the birth date (month/year/day) add to 11. Or when the year adds to 22 (in the 20th century there are only 7 years that add to 22: 1939, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93) and the month and day of birth combined total is 11. Finally, when the Birth Day is 22 and the month and year of birth total 11.

11, 22, 33 create the illuminated pyramid of enlightenment seen throughout this and other posts.


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  2. I hate to break this to you, but the one and only thing film makers are interested in is MAKING MONEY. Okay, so there's some Satanists in film making. Everyone knows that already. There's also Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Moslems, Druids, Wiccans, Atheists, Agnostics and Moon Worshippers. This country has Freedom of Religion. But to suggest any kind of "organized plot" based on interpreting some symbolism from hand-picked movies in a skewed manner that you chose only for the purposes of reinforcing your predetermined conclusion is, by definition, logically absurd.

  3. GhostTracker - Filmmakers are interested in making money, but they're ALSO interested in putting occult symbolism in movies at the behest of the people who write their checks. This isn't really about Satanism, either. It's about a combination of several ancient mystery religions dating back to Sumeria that the Illuminati worship. Satanism is just one of the newest ones they've decided to use. Those other religions you mentioned (Christianity, Islam, etc.) aren't part of the ones the Illuminati considers sacred, so their symbols aren't used to subliminally put suggestions in viewers' minds. Whether there are Christians or Muslims or whatever in Hollywood is irrelevant. They aren't in charge.

    I hate to break this to you, you poor oh-so-rational-and-logical dear, but there IS an organized plot to disseminate certain beliefs and symbols across media. No one is "hand-picking" movies, this stuff can be found ALL THE TIME. SickSadWorld just happens to pick ones where it's most prominent. And no, no one is doing this to reinforce a conclusion they came to before looking at the facts. We see these things - this symbolism, these messages - BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE.

    Considering that you're incapable of understanding what SickSadWorld is trying to say, and that you wildly misinterpreted their motivations and methodology, I think that your post is logically absurd. I suggest that you take a break from the pompous faux-intellectual windbagging and actually read about how Hollywood really works. Because right now everyone can see that you don't know what you're talking about.

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