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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Xtina Falls Down the Rabbit Hole

The new trailer for the film "Burlesque" came out recently. It stars Cher, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell and Christina Aguilera, as Ali. At the end of the trailer, Tucci asks Aguilera, "What is Ali short for?" to which she replies "Alice." He says, "...Welcome to Wonderland." Alice was of course the main character in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and Wonderland was the fictional country she fell into through a rabbit hole. Wonderland is also a name of a boulevard in Los Angeles, where porn star John Holmes was involved in the infamous Wonderland murders. Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, the band Paramore, and countless others have used the Alice In Wonderland theme in their work. Many Monarch slaves are told by their handlers to dissociate during their traumatic programming which includes physical and sexual abuse, torture, electroshock treatment, body mutilation, and sleep and sensory deprivation. The victims are told to "go to their happy place" or "go over the rainbow" (a reference to "the Wizard of Oz"). In their book, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler wrote, "Five children each given the same Alice In Wonderland script will each use the script differently during programming. The programmer takes the child’s own creativity and works with that unique creativity."
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson | Lewis CarrollCarroll and his underage friends.Alice Liddell, Carroll's underage muse.
Alice Liddell (left) and her sisters, whom Carroll was also fond of.

Alice Liddell as a young woman.
Alice Hargreaves as an older woman.
Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in 1865 and it's sequel, "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There" in 1871. Carroll's real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson but he used a pen-name for most of his work. It's believed that he got the name Alice from a young girl named Alice Liddell, whom Carroll had a controversial relationship with. It's been suspected that Carroll was a pedophile but the evidence is still inconclusive, as images of nude children were not scene as pornographic in his time. In the first book, the fantasy world of Wonderland has often been compared to that of a drug trip. The phrase "going down the rabbit hole" has become synonymous with taking hallucinigenic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms in drug culture. His work has become highly influential literature, repeatedly referenced in the works of others to this day. Tim Burton just recently directed Disney's latest adaptation of the story--in 3-D no less.
Dancers are wearing black and white striped leggings which are symbols of the duality of man and also the diversity of creation under the Great Architect (Lucifer--the Morning Star/Son of the Morning/the Light Bearer). Three (an important number in Freemasonry) dancers are looking into mirrors that have a false light/illumination coming out of them, instead of the dancers' reflections. This is interesting as mirrors are said to reflect the image of one's soul. A pair of heels from a dancer with a light behind them resembles the Ancient Egyptian symbol of a winged solar disk associated with one of the many myths about Horus. This symbol is still widely used throughout the world today in the automobile world. Chrysler, Bentley, Nissan, Aston Martin, BMW, and Toyota all have different variations of this ancient symbol in their logos. The light behind the dancer's heels is actually made up of seven (another important number in Freemasonry) smaller lights in the shape of a hexagram or six-pointed-star. Dancers, holding microphones (phallus symbols) in front of a red backdrop.
Shots of burlesque dancers fade in and out including one of one dancer wearing a silver, shimmery dress with stars/pentagrams all over. More shots of different dancers wearing costumes that have gold chains (symbolic of slavery) on them and around their necks. Alice goes into the Burlesque Lounge and finds Cher putting on makeup. She asks Cher if she is Tes, but Cher, being the diva she is asks her, "And you're in my mirror because?"
There is a quick shot of a dancer who could easily pass for Christina's twin. More burlesque dancers in front of a dissociating purple and turquoise background. A dancer (possibly Kristen Bell) is sitting in front of a [Luciferian] spotlight. Ali is seen talking to a good looking bartender who is wearing a bowler/derby hat. Bowler hats were often worn by horseback riders in second half of the 19th century because they were better adapted to wear and tear than the top hats worn previously. The hat was made famous by Charlie Chaplin in his silent movies and by the gang of Droogs from Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' classic novel, A Clockwork Orange. The mirrors behind the bar are foggy and split into even squares. In reference to the occult, mirrors are often used for scrying, where a practitioner may believe that they are physically able to see into the past, present or future with the help of God, spirits, the Devil, their own psychic abilities or their subconscious.
The seperate foggy mirrors made to look like one cohesive mirror may represent the "foggy" mind of a confused Monarch slave. The foggy mirrors are important again because they fit in with the Alice in Wonderland theme, referring to the "looking glass" in the second book. In a 2005 study, researchers discovered that patients with chronic pain in their appendages could find relief by looking at themselves in mirrors. Each patient suffered from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or repetitive strain injury (RSI). For some, the pain is so unbearable that they will ask for amputation, according to Candy McCabe, who developed the mirror therapy at the University of Bath in the UK. The drug free experiment allow the patients to look into a full-length mirror and trick their minds into correcting the distorted image of their bodies. The mirrors were placed so that each patient could see the healthy half of their body (the non-injured half), along with another reflection of the same half. The result was that the injured half of the patient's body was hidden from view and the mirror allowed them to view themselves as having two healthy halves. They were then told to concentrate hard on the reflection and believe that what they saw (two healthy halves, one healthy body) was a true depiction of themselves.
According to McCabe, "Three of them were cured instantly; the others took a little longer, but once the mirror was removed, the pain would return." With continued mirror therapy, six people were completely cured, while the two others had conditions that were complicated by limb ulcers and actual physical distortions. McCabe said she believes the pain results from a mismatch in the way the brain perceives the body and the actual condition of the body. You can read the rest of the article here. Thanks to Don @ Esoteric Design for the link.
Ali comes to Los Angeles, as everybody essentially does, to follow her small town dreams of being a star. She gets a job at the Burlesque Lounge (they couldn't have come up with a better name?) waiting tables but what she really wants is to be on stage. Adding to the already tired clich├ęs that IS this movie, Ali is dressed as the Lady in Red/Scarlett Woman (Whore of Babylon) when she auditions but Cher and Stanley Tucci's characters are not amused. Cher is not impressed so she gets up to leave before Ali tries to convince her that she belongs on stage and asks she wants from her. Cher tells her that she can't tell her what she wants but that she has to prove to her that she belongs on stage. Ali is given her big break and is allowed to open for the show one night. Dressed as a sexy cop (police state agenda anyone?) and illuminated with red lights, Ali goes toward the mic. There is some awful feedback as she gets closer to it and she seems unsure of herself. Tucci's character decides that this was a mistake and tells the sound and light engineer to pull down the curtain. Before he can, Ali belts out one of Xtina's signature, sometimes pretentious, melismatic notes. This convinces Cher to tell the engineer to raise the curtain. A star is born!
Speaking of stars...Ali is wearing an eight-pointed star (badge) on her police hat. The eight-pointed star is known as the chaos star in the occult world. It is believed by some occult practitioners that the eight points represent the many different directions of chaos and the many ways you can follow it. This is worth pointing out because the motto of the Illumiati is "Ordo Ab Chao" which translates to "Out of Chaos Comes Order." They believe that if they break down the existing structure of our society and cause the population to cry out for order during a time of chaos, they can then emerge as the the all powerful rulers. They've done it before, so you can expect another event manufactured by these evil people to control the masses with fear. The French Revolution, the Great Depression, 9/11 have all been blamed on the Illuminati by various conspiracy theorists and if you do the research, you come across many clues that link back to them (i.e. President Bush's cousin, Marvin Bush, was in charge of security in the World Trade Center and a month before the planned attacks, he relieved the bomb-sniffing dogs).
The audio and light engineer shines the [Luciferian] spotlight on Ali and we are able to see the rest of the mural that was behind him. The mural shows naked women who look like they have their arms up in praise. The image is mirrored so that the image is the same on both sides to give the shape of the Baphomet. This is very common in the music industry. I mean, images are often distorted or mirrored against themselves to produce the shape of the Baphomet or other occult symbols. Baphomet is of course the notorious pagan idol worshipped by Freemasons (although, they claim they do not worship him). You can read more about him in the last post I did on Kylie Minogue. In the last picture above, a blonde dancer is wearing several strands of pearls around her neck. Pearls and other gemstones are used in Jewel programming. A slave child is told by their "master" or handler that if they are good and do as they're told, they will one day become as beautiful and as coveted as said gem or a piece of jewelry. The child, wanting to be loved and having been programmed from an early age to please their handler, will want to do as they're told so they will be loved and also rewarded with said gem. You can read more about Jewel programming here, from a woman named Svali-- who was actually a programmed Illuminati slave herself. After she came out with her horrific life story, she just disappeared and no one has heard from her since.
Of course there is also the sexual term "pearl necklace," which refers to a man ejaculating across his partner's neck. A spotlight is right above the blonde dancer's head, resembling a halo or possibly referring to enlightenment. The idea of having spiritual figures with halos goes back to the early days of Saturn/Satan worship, where these idols would have a ring or halo above their heads as Saturn has rings that were visible from Earth. Although, from Earth, they were first thought to be horns. Some of the other dancers in this scene are wearing feathers which refers to the dehumanization of these women.
The bartender from the earlier in the trailer gives a quick Masonic wink with his left eye closed. In the ancient legends of Egypt, the god Horus loses his left eye in a battle with another god, Seth. We see Ali walking across a bridge, with the sun shining bright. I know the sun is everywhere and you can't avoid it but don't forget that these people are sun worshippers. In Ancient Egypt, the sun god was Ra, then Horus, then finally Amun-Ra. Ali is seen behind the opening curtains and blue (the color of spirituality) spotlight with her arms in a manner similar to Lady GaGa in her "Bad Romance" video, where she looks like she is worshipping or surrendering herself to a higher power. In the next shot, Ali is looking into her own mirror, wearing a derby hat like the one the bartender had on before. Another [Luciferian] spotlight is behind her, and a fake mole is under her left eye. Subtle but still obvious. One last bright Luciferian/sun worshipping light to bring in the title.
"Welcome to Wonderland..."

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