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Monday, April 18, 2011



Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, as you've noticed, I've been struggling to keep this blog afloat the past few weeks. It appears my account was hacked into, which is why you might have seen the Blogger message that the entire blog had been deleted. I apologize for the inconveinence but I can assure you that we are moving on to bigger and better things. I am in the process of moving this blog to a new server, as part of an actual website. I used to be a web/graphic designer and I figure now I finally have a purpose for these seemingly useless talents. Please be patient with me. It will be worth it. I will have the blog back up ASAP. Please update all bookmarks and link addresses to http://www.sicksadworld.info I will be switching the servers sometime this week so when you type in that address from then on, it will take you directly to the new site. Blogger has been good to me but I cannot deal with the issues I am having with Mozilla Firefox and the Blue Screen of Death error messages that keep shutting down my computer. Blogger does not work well with Internet Explorer but luckily I know HTML & PHP and the new server will allow me to have more creative freedom over everything, including the ability to block these asshole detractors who like to think they know more than those of us who are actually doing the research. Thanks for your support. - Brody